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12 DNA Music of the Spheres Ascension Program from the Cosmic Twins Diary with Keys to the Universe

12 DNA Music of the Spheres Ascension Program from the Cosmic Twins Diary with Keys to the Universe


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About the Book

The picture in the book that shows the Violet Sphere that I am holding in my hands contains the Frequencies and the Keys that will become the Merkaba Crystal Space Ship to carry the Cosmic Twins back to Tara, Gaia and beyond. The Violet Sphere was created by following the directions of the Elohim Angels and the Sirian Council. The picture was taken during the moment of the Stellar Wave Infusion of the Violet Wave from Sun Alcyone and the Stellar Wave Activation of the Sirian Spiral in 2008. The Stellar Waves activated our 5 DNA and began the initiation of the 12 subharmonics into the 6 DNA. Dr. Barnett shows herself holding the Violet Sphere that identifies her as a Violet Flame Holder. She uses this picture to explain to others how it is that this Violet Sphere of Plasma is the exact substance that our Normal Spiritual Body is made of and how it will be the actual absorption of this light and sound energy from these plasma balls that transforms our bodies into light. The Cosmic Twins came to Earth to tune the Earth into the Music of the Spheres by bringing the Highest Frequencies to Earth through music. The Ascension Portal - that the Cosmic Twins at this very time assisted in - for the Fifth Dimensional Dolphins allowed them to ascend into their Sixth Dimensional Bodies in the Cloud Cities during the moment of this picture of the Violet Sphere. Dr. Barnett is truly the Doctor of DNA. She explains how the etheric sub harmonics of the DNA strands are not something that can be seen with the doctor's microscopes. The DNA braids together the Consciousness of the Individual between the Harmonic Universes which carry specific Frequency Signatures of the Individual's Consciousness in different Frequency Ranges of Density. The higher the Frequency is, the less density is in the reality. When the Consciousness is braided into the 12th Dimensional Realm, there is zero density. This 12th Dimensional Frequency is the Resonance that is needed lock the human consciousness into oneness with the Human Angelic Consciousness of this Human Race Line's origins. The Kingdom of Heaven is being brought to Earth through Music. It is the Music of the Spheres dancing to a new rhythm. As the Frequency Music weaves this Consciousness into the Earth's Biosphere it becomes available for each individual to Inhale the Light and Sound into their own DNA and neuronet system. Absolute evidence of the True Divinity and Sovereignty of the Man who has activated 12 DNA sub harmonic strands into each of the 5 DNA. The power of immortality is revealed through the Music of the Spheres raising Man back into His Normal Reality. Dr. Barnett explains how she was trained by a group of Elohim Angels to bring the highest frequencies of Consciousness to Earth through Music. She shows how she uses that formula in creating the Frequency Music that can be hear and purchased at her website, crystalmagicorchestra.com. This Extraordinary, True and Accurate revelation of how the Resurrection was performed by the Elohim Angels through the Holograms they created in the Jesus and Mary Story. This exact same process of Raising the Dead into Eternal Life was revealed once again through the shocking story of one man who had his body completely mutated by three ten ton trucks hitting his body on the freeway and five more cars running over his body before the traffic could be stopped. The body of "aDolphino" had been possessed by three demonic entities called the FAtale that the Grey Zeta Rigelians had prepared the interdimensional passage for. This Actual Event occurred to show that everything the Guardians taught as the Keylontic Science of the Music of the Stars is an absolute reality. This magical light and the magical sound that comes from the formula given by the Angels is the Creation Substance that we will all be learning to use as our new Prana and Manna of Manifestation. The story of the Cosmic Twins is what the Elohims told us was their new Jesus and Mary story.
About the Author: Dr. Angela Barnett is truly the Doctor of DNA. She has attended every Mystery School in the Omniverse and was Initiated through two deaths of her own and one resurrection of her husband to give her the deepest experience and understanding of Intelligent Design and how our DNA is really made. Dr. Barnett conquered the 3D level of education with Several Theses, M.A.'s and finally a Doctorate that clearly that Education is not being Intelligently Designed in alignment with the true education for humans to realize their true abilities and sovereignty in life. She has been a spiritual healer since childhood and studied Christian Science Healing, Infinite Way methods, as well as the Masters of the Far East, the Law of One and the original teachings of Jesus Christ Avatar 12 called the Science of the Stars. Her Starry Brother, Zaurak, from the Sirian Council has guided her in creating Ascension Portals in Northern California and creating new Ley Lines through the Cloud Cities connecting to the Earth's Grid in that area. She was directed by Zaurak to obtain the picture of the Violet Orb that was the Cosmic Essence of my Being and of the Violet Suns that combine the Cetacean Raceline from Sun Ha and the Orahim Humanoids from Sun La. Dr. Barnett even explains DNA at the Cosmic Levels of our Intelligent Design. Each breath of Source Consciousness creates a Spark which becomes a Flame which becomes a Pre Light and Sound Idea that is formed through the structure of Plasma and Gamma Rays. The Plasma has a pre density version of a spiritual vapor. So, there is this Spiritual Water combined with the Spiritual substance of the Neutrino and the Positron which creates a Chemical Structure of Eternal Creation. Dr. Barnett explains how she was trained by a group of Elohim Angels to bring the highest frequencies of Consciousness to Earth through Music. She shows how she uses that formula in creating the Frequency Music that can be purchased at crystalmagicorchestra.com. Dr. Barnett shares her own Initiations involved in activating each of the DNA strands and how this journey will be helpful to others who travel this path in the future. She explains how the chemical structure of the body has evolved during the rapid ascension for those who volunteered to be the Star Seeds who would pave the way for the 5 DNA strand to activate in the Masses. Dr. Barnett was told by her higher self that the Cosmic Twins - she and her husband - were the new Jesus and Mary Story of this New Time.

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  • ISBN-13: 9781505787665
  • Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Publisher Imprint: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Height: 229 mm
  • No of Pages: 420
  • Series Title: English
  • Weight: 557 gr
  • ISBN-10: 1505787661
  • Publisher Date: 26 Dec 2014
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Language: English
  • Returnable: N
  • Spine Width: 22 mm
  • Width: 152 mm

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12 DNA Music of the Spheres Ascension Program from the Cosmic Twins Diary with Keys to the Universe
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12 DNA Music of the Spheres Ascension Program from the Cosmic Twins Diary with Keys to the Universe
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12 DNA Music of the Spheres Ascension Program from the Cosmic Twins Diary with Keys to the Universe

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