201 Tips For Losing Weight NR

201 Tips For Losing Weight

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Obesity is a major health problem all over the world, especially in the affluent class. Fatty food, excess intake of oil and high-calorie food are the main reasons for this problem. The lack of physical activity and exercises due to non-availability of time adds to this problem. What patients of obesity or overweight persons need to know is what to do and what not to do. A complete education about calories, cooking and selection of food can make a huge difference and easily lead to loss of 10-20 kilograms of weight. Dr. Bimal Chhajer, MD. Is a pioneering cardiologist who has developed the unique calorie counting system for the obese and devised a special cooking method called ????????UKP??UKP??????????UKP?????????????UKP??UKP??????????UKP?????????????UKP?????????????UKP??UKP??????????UKP?????Zero Oil Cooking????????UKP??UKP??????????UKP?????????????UKP??UKP??????????UKP?????????????UKP?????????????UKP??UKP??????????UKP?????????????UKP????? with thoushands of tasty recipes. This itself is a revolution in the field of weight reduction and leads to a bonus i.e. prevention and /or reversal of heart disease. In his theory all the foods available can be divided into four categories according to their calories. This book is an extraordinary practical book for losing weight sitting at home without spending thoushands of rupees in slimming centers mushrooming all over the country. This will give you so much of knowledge and tips that without a dietician you can lose weight. There are sixty Dos and Don????????UKP??UKP??????????UKP?????????????UKP??UKP??????????UKP?????????????UKP?????????????UKP??UKP??????????UKP?????????????UKP?????ts for the overweight people.
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ISBN-13: 9788189182861
Publisher: Diamond Books
Publisher Imprint: Diamond Books
Height: 216 mm
No of Pages: 184
Spine Width: 10 mm
Width: 140 mm
ISBN-10: 8189182862
Publisher Date: 15 Jan 2021
Binding: Paperback
Language: English
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Weight: 222 gr
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