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2020 Fresh Clean Jokes For Everyone

International Edition
About the Book
This is one of biggest jokebooks of all time! It has:
  • Almost everything you expect in a jokebook and more
  • Special section to improve kids' English-language skills and general knowledge
  • 2020 new jokes (or 3100+ jokes in all), mostly written in quiz style
  • Jokes that you don't have to think about - bar jokes, blonde jokes, cross-the-road jokes, knock-knock jokes, lightbulb jokes, pun jokes, ...
  • Entire chapters for people with special skills or interests - computer jokes, programming jokes, physics jokes, chemistry jokes, biology jokes, medical jokes, financial jokes, geography jokes...
  • For those looking for sharp content, plenty of jokes about philosophy, advertising, news and politics.
  • For kids and students wishing to improve their vocabulary and general knowledge, a treasure house of clever wordplay and interesting facts/riddles, and THREE CHAPTERS DEVOTED TO FOREIGN LANGUAGES.
  • Several funny and thought-provoking poems (mostly as financial/political limericks), set to the tune of popular nursery rhymes.
  • Some of the best one-liners EVER written in the English language. If you are skeptical, read the pages of the Confucius-Say Jokes and Off-The-Wall Philosophers chapters.
  • Plenty of illustrations and some very novel page and joke formats.
  • Loads of fun for everyone.
  • Part 1 - for learning
    • Children's Jokes
      • Why did the lizard sue the hospital?
        After it broke off its tail, a psychiatrist wanted to treat it as a split-personality disorder.
    • Computer Jokes
      • What made the quantum computer so frustrated?
        He made a complete fool of himself.
    • Physics Jokes
      • How many astronauts would it take to a screw a lightbulb?
        One to turn the bulb and several to prevent the spacecraft from spinning in the same direction.
    • Chemistry Jokes
      • What happened to nitric acid after water decided to leave?
        It left him fuming.
    • Biology Jokes
      • Why is xylem more believable than phloem?
        Phloem can say anything but it does not hold water.
  • Part 2 - for fun
    • Bar Jokes
      • Invisible Woman walks into a bar
        Invisible Woman walks into a bar and sees Invisible Man drinking. She takes the stool next to him. Just then, Invisible Man tells the bartender, "If my wife rings and asks for me, tell her that I am not here.
    • Romantic/Breakup Jokes (Nearly 600 jokes - almost ever profession covered)
      • What has low life expectancy, poor hygiene, deficient vision, inadequate sense of direction, risk of going bald and high self-esteem?
      • What has high life expectancy, better hygiene, superior vision, adequate sense of direction, zero risk of going bald and low self-esteem?
  • Part 3 - only for intellectuals
    • Confucius Jokes
      • Hell and heaven:
        Confucius say: Hell has no fury like woman scorned. Heaven has no angel like mother to newborn.
    • Journalism Jokes (with screenshots of actual news stories)
      • #BlueForSudan hashtag offends Na'vi people because it appropriates their blue identity
        [Modified screenshot of original CNN article with still from the movie Avatar. Full-colour PDF of this chapter is available free on the author's website.]
    • Political Jokes (Nearly 400 jokes - mostly non-political though)
      • What is a politically incorrect name for a human abducted by an alien from outer space?
        Undocumented emigrant.
      • What is a politically incorrect name for a weightlifter?
        Weight supremacist.
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ISBN-13: 9789354080340
Publisher: V. Subhash
Publisher Imprint: V. Subhash
Height: 229 mm
No of Pages: 278
Spine Width: 15 mm
Width: 152 mm
ISBN-10: 9354080340
Publisher Date: 17 Jul 2020
Binding: Paperback
Language: English
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