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Everybody needs Love. If you look around in your life - past and present - you'll see Love's presence in varying degrees. It's subtle in certain areas, and readily evident in others. Generally, Love is abundant and available to everyone. And in relationships it must be made welcome, and reciprocated. Knowing how to give it, get it, and keep Love are the next steps after recognizing its potential to be more present in our lives. In Love, there are certain 'Relationship Laws' to abide by, in order to love 'successfully'. There are 38 of them to be exact. That's what this book endeavors to quickly cover. The 38 Laws of Love are offered here for your quick reference to seriously help you gain and maintain any loving relationship you may desire to apply its rules to. These 38 Laws can be applied to mostly any close relationship or partnership. And definitely, these laws can make any romantic relationship thrive, when applied. It is my hope that through your reading and practicing the 38 Love Laws in this book, that you enjoy more love, joy, and expansion in your life. To Love, And...To You and Your Beloved! _______________________________ T A B L E OF CONTENTS P R E F A C E page viii L A W 1 page 11 PROMOTE THEIR GOOD HEALTH Nurture your beloved with healthy foods and massage. Promote rest and recuperation. Do all of this and more to help them live long...So you can love them longer.: ) L A W 2 page 12 FIND OUT WHAT THEIR FAVORITE THINGS ARE, AND SURPRISE OR REWARD THEM WITH THEM Nothing's better than being surprised with your favorite thing, by your favorite person. L A W 3 page 14 STUDY THEIR MOODS AND GET IN TUNE WITH THEM WHEN THEY'RE IN THEIR VARIOUS STATES OF EMOTION; SO YOU CAN SUPPORT THEM, BE THERE FOR THEM, GIVE THEM SPACE, OR HELP THEM ADDRESS WHATEVER THE ISSUE IS Often times the expression of your beloved's feelings are not always verbal. L A W 4 page 16 AGREE ON AND ACTIVELY BE WORKING TOWARD A COMMON GOAL WITH YOUR BELOVED When relationships go through difficulties - and they all do, to varying degrees - one thing that helps ensure a degree of longevity through the difficulties, is the establishment of a common goal that you both are working toward...together. L A W 5 page 18 DURING DISAGREEMENTS, SAY WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY TRUTHFULLY, BUT ALWAYS BRING THE DISAGREEMENT BACK TO THE LOVE...MAKE NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE LOVE Admittedly this rule is the most difficult, because disagreements can get heated. L A W 6 page 20 HELP THEM PROCESS AND HEAL FROM PAST PAINS, IN A SAFE SPACE It is an important fact that many of us, if not most, have had some kind of past pain, heartache, or emotional wound that we are all healing from. L A W 7 page 22 KNOW THAT EVERY MESSAGE YOU'RE SENDING TO THEM IS SUBLIMINAL...TOO This law informs us that just as much as every action, word spoken, and deed done (or not done) for our beloved sends conscious messages of how you value them, to them, they too communicate subliminal messages to them as well. L A W 8 page 24 PROMOTE THEIR INDEPENDENCE As the two of you grow together in whatever kind of relationship you're in, always look to establish one another's independence through the empowerment of the other as an individual. L A W 9 page 26 SPEND QUALITY TIME WITH THEM This law comes naturally for many of us, but must be stated nonetheless. ...(Please see 'See Inside This Book', or the book sample for a full preview of the TABLE OF CONTENTS. This is a partial TABLE OF CONTENTS due to the Description character limit)... TOTAL PAGES: 100
About the Author: Khalfani Love is the author of two guidebooks on the topic of Love and Relationships entitled, "HOW TO LOVE: THE COMPLETE GUIDE FOR EVERY KIND OF RELATIONSHIP" and "THE 38 LAWS OF LOVE". With these, and all of his forthcoming works, he is endeavoring to bring more Love back into the world and help facilitate the healing that is taking place in all loving relationships right now. It's his mission to fearlessly re-open up our hearts back to one another in this society. His current works ("HOW TO LOVE: THE COMPLETE GUIDE FOR EVERY KIND OF RELATIONSHIP" and "THE 38 LAWS OF LOVE") bring a passionate clarity and purposeful voice to the genre, and there is no doubt his heart and soul is in each of his pages. A native of Los Angeles, he is also a Singer, Songwriter, Screenwriter and Film Director. He currently resides in the Southern California area. Feel free to connect with him at khalfanilove@gmail.com

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  • Publisher Date: 26 Jul 2016
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Language: English
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