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At the Brink

At the Brink

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About the Book

An adventure filled collection of near end of life experiences that will keep you at the edge of your seat. One man's memoirs of a life filled with near misses who lived to tell the stories. None of us had any control over the fact of our birth. Had the fates decreed that we wouldn't be here, our non-existence would be irrevocable fact. It gives you something to wonder about! Whenever death comes unnervingly close but leaves you unscathed, you wonder about that too. More than most people I have known, I perpetually have been there, a microsecond or a mini-misstep from oblivion! In some instances I clawed my way back driven by the super-human strength of terror and the inexplicable will to survive imbued so indelibly in the human makeup. On other occasions my own chance to tip the scales of happenstance never had a chance to enter the picture. It was all over and decided without my brain being given the chance to participate. Chronicled in this next series of true stories about my life are 52 incidents when the Grim Reaper had his chance to take a swipe at me and for some reason or another his blade failed to take me. Yes, I said fifty-two times! You, like me, might wonder why I am still here. As a writer I tend to favor one theory. A near mishap with one's life inevitably means a story with a higher than average interest value. If I had died during any of the adventures logged here there would have been no chance for me to be the one to give my version of their narration. Quite simply, I tend to believe I was spared so as to have the opportunity to share my adventures with you through my writings. Of course, the blade cuts two ways. Should I survive a harrowing near miss and through sloth or indifference fail to do the work of putting it down on paper, I could be tipping the balance against my cause. The fates might choose to rewrite the ending of my next adventure! Please enjoy!

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Product Details
  • ISBN-13: 9781482068559
  • Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Publisher Imprint: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Height: 229 mm
  • No of Pages: 282
  • Series Title: English
  • Sub Title: Near End of Life Moments
  • Width: 152 mm
  • ISBN-10: 1482068559
  • Publisher Date: 12 Feb 2013
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Language: English
  • Returnable: N
  • Spine Width: 15 mm
  • Weight: 381 gr

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