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Beautiful Black Hair

International Edition
About the Book
Methodology - allows your hair to be Chemically Relaxed, with a Conditioning LYE Relaxer, "ONLY ONCE" during the life of your hair no matter how long your Hair GROWS and without Scalp Burns EVER! Yes, your hair will GROW longer, even with having someone Chemically Relax your hair, taking place every 6 to 8 weeks. You MUST remember, Chemically Relaxing Takes-2-People Baby, one giving and the other receiving the relaxer! This book will tell you how everything WORKS! The Woman of Color will need to know everything in order to be successful in caring for, "GROWING" and keeping her hair healthy, SoSOFT-2-Touch, strong and very beautiful. Stay within the parameters and rules the outcome will always be predictable. It is an "ACCURATE" Hair Wellness Approach and the best way to achieve "Real Hair GROWTH and very healthy hair!" This book concepts are written based on the laws, science and the chemistry of your hair, so that it works, without ever damaging your hair, or causing extreme DRYNESS, brought on by the "Self-Application" of the "Chemical No Lye Relaxer Kits" which causes breakage, the loss of her hair and is the worse relaxer product ever created in the history of Black Hair! If real GROWTH is your goal, this book and ShamBOOsie's Methodology is a common sense approach to that end. If you are willing to do the work, purchase the needed High-End Hair Care Products, use them and use ShamBOOsie's Step-By-Step methods, all will be well with your hair because, ShamBOOsie's Methodology Delivers!
About the Author: About the Author Certification: A Certified Master Hair Instructor of Advance Techniques and Licensed in the State of New Jersey, with thirty-three years in the industry. He has both a Cosmetology License and Instructor's License. Author of Beautiful Black Hair: REAL Solutions to REAL Problems. The first Hair Care book ever that was based on the Laws, Trichology (the Study of Hair Science), Theory, and the Chemistry of Cosmetology-the way your HAIR really works. The Science and the Chemistry of hair will always dictate! Not ShamBOOsie. Everybody's got at least one! This is the only Hair CARE book ever written for Women of Color and their Daughters that has any chance of helping her get it right! The Author is a Hair GROWTH and Healthy Hair Specialist, a Chemical Application Specialist, and a Color Master who was trained by a Clairol Professional and Master Hair Designer. Tenure: "ShamBOOsie - Master of the Art HAIR Wellness has provided Women of Color with his professional "Healthy Hair" services for over thirty years, creating and replicating Hair CARE Solutions for Beautiful Black Women. It takes Hair CARE for Women of Color to the next level." A Specialist and Creator of: Certified Master Hair Instructor of Advance Techniques - Licensed in the State of New Jersey Licensed Cosmetologist, Hair GROWTH, and Healthy Hair Specialist Master Hair Designer, and Chemical Application Specialist Certified Color Master - trained by a Clairol Professional Creator of the "Let's Talk Hair" Seminar The twenty-four-Month Hair GROWTH Timetable A more Comfortable and Safer Way Relax Your Hair, without Breakage or Scalp Burns-Ever! The Hair Wellness Approach to Hair Growth - a teaching Series a NEW approach to Hair CARE. I Write Because I Love Your Hair! I simply wanted to find a way to help you get hair care RIGHT. It's called the Hair Wellness Approach to Hair GROWTH & Hair Care because it's based on the LAWS, THEORY, SCIENCE, and CHEMISTRY of Your Hair and Cosmetology!" I promise you that all the information you'll find in my books is as close to Scientific Accuracy as possible. The Science of "Black Hair" is an exact study, which means that it is a dependable study, and the results are as near to a perfect way of managing your hair and giving you positive results.
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ISBN-13: 9781463722265
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publisher Imprint: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Depth: 32
Language: English
Returnable: N
Spine Width: 17 mm
Weight: 426 gr
ISBN-10: 1463722265
Publisher Date: 15 Sep 2011
Binding: Paperback
Height: 229 mm
No of Pages: 318
Series Title: English
Sub Title: A Safer More Comfortable Way to Relax Hair
Width: 152 mm
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