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Core JavaServer Faces NR

Core JavaServer Faces

International Edition
About the Book

Appropriate for all courses in Java programming with JavaServer Faces (JSF), and many intermediate-to-advanced level courses on Java frameworks that are being updated to include JSF coverage.

Using JavaServer Faces (JSF), Java developers can build world-class Web user interfaces virtually without writing code. At the same time, JSF can help them simplify a wide range of complex tasks–from separating presentation and business logic to managing configuration. In Core JavaServer Faces, renowned Java developers David Geary and Cay Horstmann teach experienced Java developers all they need to create production-quality software with JSF 1.0. Geary (Graphic Java) and Horstmann (Core Java) systematically introduce JSF’s tags, the basic building blocks of JSF development. Students learn how to set up the JSF programming environment, connect JSF tags to application logic, provide navigation amongst pages, convert and validate input, and more. Then, using realistic, non-trivial code examples, the authors introduce more advanced tasks: creating custom converters and validators, handling events, sharing common content among multiple pages, building custom components, connecting to databases and external services, even supporting wireless clients. The book ends with a “How do I” chapter that answers students’ most common questions about JSF development. Also included: helpful notes on debugging, logging, and more. Like all Core Series books, Core JavaServer Faces is both a no-nonsense tutorial and a comprehensive reference: the fastest, most effective pathway to deep, practical mastery.

Book Details
ISBN-13: 9780131463059
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Binding: Paperback
Height: 232 mm
No of Pages: 552
Spine Width: 41.75 mm
Width: 176 mm
ISBN-10: 0131463055
Publisher Date: 15 Jun 2004
Edition: 1
Language: English
Series Title: English
Weight: 1302.98 gr
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