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Dance Of Fireflies
Dance Of Fireflies
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About the Book

"I read Books 1 and 2 and cannot wait to see what happens to each of the characters. I loved the originality, having not ever read anything like this before. When you least expect it, something changes! The twists and turns are fantastic. And the travel to Africa and learning the languages have been an educational experience for me." --Adult Male ARC Reader. "In her debut novel, Dr. Vie has done a great job of pulling the reader into the world of the characters. From the colorful beautiful Utopian world to our world on Earth. I don't want to give the story away. In Book 1 I cried, and having no children of my own, I realize how often we adults forget the pain that the young ones experience when left to struggle alone. There is one scene in Book 1 that struck me- inside the ancient cave. This series is a magical carpet ride with so many lovable characters, and emotional events. It reflects Dr. Vie's profound understanding of the human spirit, and in particular, the world of the youth." --Adult Female ARC Reader. STORY: Deranged leaders destine an apocalyptic world. A visionary soul sends an SOS. Utopian beings from the future arrive to save the last humans. Unimaginable series of events unfold, that will challenge your view of reality and fantasy. Action, adventure and visionary experiences ensue when Princess Reena from a faraway galaxy, is dispatched to rescue the earthlings, and an evil supernatural force traps her brother, the young prince on the dying planet Earth. The risks are already high and the lives of loved ones are at stake, but in between the last human's unimaginable challenges, an even more terrifying mystery emerges. Fast paced action and adventure in the heart of Africa, ancient languages, magical mountains and mystical traditions await. It's race to stop the end of the world. Welcome to Book 1, Dance Of Fireflies, in Taming The Impostor Saga, where the characters dance like fireflies, shining bright, but for how long? THE LAST HUMANS BATTLE AGAINST EVIL: The sinister force will stop at nothing to control the men, women and youngsters, and beyond. Want to travel to exotic cultures, and stand up for a better world? Want to taste of a better future? Like paranormal mystery, suspense, adventure, metaphysical visionary experiences, supernatural, time travel, mind reading, telepathy, and survival stories? Unlike most apocalyptic, post-apocalyptic and dystopic stories steeped in violence and depression, these books offer you an uplifting series for confidence building and inspiring hope, at a time when we crave for it the most. Now available in quick reads, to stimulate your mind and senses. Enjoyed by teens, young adults, new adults and all ages. Read Book 1 and receive your special maps to explore new landscapes and settings across which our characters journey in their epic quest for survival. Remember to visit the site or email to join the VIP Readers Club. Princess Reena, Prince Jali, Siya, Rama and Kriaka and I look forward to meeting you, and we wish you the choicest of wishes for a healthy, joyful and prosperous future. Click now and join the adventure of a lifetime. Lots of love and hugs, always, V. Please send me an email with your verified download for a FREE AUDIO narration. go to main site to send email DrVie.com or follow links there to message me on facebook.
About the Author: My dear Reader, I've been globe trotting solo for twenty plus years, since leaving South Africa as a youngster, trekking the mountains and experiencing the landscapes I write about. My dream is of a better world. After my doctorate and post-doctorate from the USA, I worked in Europe as a medical device scientist, then expanded my career to pioneer a natural raw vegan natural food factory. My calling to mentor youth globally for free began in 2004 (see videos at DrVie.com). As time passed I focused on inspiring people with hope, no matter what their age, or location or culture...self-funding my work and living on the bare essentials. My main love is of the mountains, fresh air and simple living. As you read this, I sleep a few inches off a wooden floor on an adventure bed! You see, titles are meaningless, compared to the richness of life experiences that come our way. Whether you sleep an expensive bed or on a sixty dollar one, you can rise each morning, refreshed and ready to inspire the world. Today my life sure continues to be an adventure, and I now spend my time sharing all the insights I have personally learned to inspire a better life for any seeker, through seminars, workshops, programs, speaking engagements and mentoring any age around the planet. Why? Because just like you, I too dream of a loving, compassionate world where there is no selfishness, only utopia. A place where we can be our real selves, soaring to super conscious heights, breathing healthy air, consuming non-toxic foods and drinking clean water. Imagine: all our work and products supporting the homes and lives of all beings, be it fauna, flora, the water, soil, air... yes, like the one in my books...Zooka! Do follow my author page and visit my site to let me know more about you, and how I can help. Lots of love and hugs to you. Always, V.

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  • ISBN-13: 9781988705002
  • Publisher: Doctor Vie Publications
  • Publisher Imprint: Doctor Vie Publications
  • Height: 198 mm
  • No of Pages: 122
  • Series Title: Taming the Impostor Saga
  • Weight: 127 gr
  • ISBN-10: 1988705002
  • Publisher Date: 30 Jan 2017
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Language: English
  • Returnable: N
  • Spine Width: 7 mm
  • Width: 129 mm

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