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The Epistle

The Epistle

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Excerpt from book: the Churches of the low countries/the Churches of Polonia/ Denmarke/ within the dominions of the Count Palatine/of the Churches in Saxonie/and Sweuia/etc. which you shall see euidently proued in the Harmonie of the Confessions of all those Churches / Section the eleuenth. Which Harmonie/ was translated and printed by that puritan Cambridg printer/ Thomas Thomas. And although the booke came out by pub- like authoritie/yet by your leaue the Bishops haue called them in/as things against their state. And trust me/his grace will owe that puritane printer as good a turne/as hee paid vnto Robert Walde-graue for his sawcines/in printing my frend and deare brother Diotrephes his Dialogue. Well frend Thomas I warne you before hand/look to your selfe. And now brethren byshops / if you wil not beleeue me /I wil set down the very words of the French confession/contayned page 359. of the Harmonie. We beleeue (saith the confession/art 30.) that all true pastors/in what place soeuer they be placed/haue the same/and equall authority among them- sclues/giuen vnto them vnder Iesus Christ the onely head/' and the chiefe alone vniuersal bishop: and that therefore it is not lawfull for anye Churche to challenge vnto it selfe/1 dominion or soueraignty ouer any other. What an horrible heresie is this/wil some say/why? gentle Martin/is it possible yat these words of the French confession should be true ? is it possible that there ought to be an equallity betweene his Grace and the Deane of Sarum/or som other hedge priest: Martin saith it ought be so/why then Martin, if it shoulde be so/howe will the byshops satisfie the reader At a dead lift m is poynt ? Alas simple fellow whatsoeuer thou weii fare a art /I perceiue thou dost not mark the words of the ' 3"' confession : My good brethren haue long sinc...
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ISBN-13: 9780217384476
Publisher: General Books
Binding: Paperback
Language: English
Returnable: N
Spine Width: 3 mm
Width: 150 mm
ISBN-10: 0217384471
Publisher Date: 13 Aug 2009
Height: 225 mm
No of Pages: 50
Series Title: English
Weight: 86.26 gr
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