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The Better Sort

The Better Sort

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About the Book
Excerpt from book: THE TWO FACES THE servant, who, in spite of his sealed, stamped look, appeared to have his reasons, stood there for instruction, in a manner not quite usual, after announcing the name. Mrs. Grantham, however, took it up?" Lord Gwyther? "?with a quick surprise that for an instant justified him even to the small scintilla in the glance she gave her companion, which might have had exactly the sense of the butler's hesitation. This companion, a shortish, fairish, youngish man, clean-shaven and keen-eyed, had, with a promptitude that would have struck an observer?which the butler indeed was?sprang to his feet and moved to the chimney-piece, though his hostess herself, meanwhile, managed not otherwise to stir. " Well ? " she said, as for the visitor to advance; which she immediately followed with a sharper " He's not there? " " Shall I show him up, ma'am ? " " But of course! " The point of his doubt made her at last rise for impatience, and Bates, before leaving the room, might still have caught the achieved irony of her appeal to the gentleman into whose communion with her he had broken. " Why in the world not ? What a way ! " she exclaimed, as Sut- ton felt beside his cheek the passage of her eyes to the glass behind him. " He wasn't sure you'd see anyone." " I don't see ' anyone,' but I see individuals." " That's just it; and sometimes you don't see them." " Do you mean ever because of you? " she asked as she touched into place a tendril of hair. " That's just his impertinence, as to which I shall speak to him." " Don't," said Shirley Sutton. " Never notice anything." " That's nice advice from you," she laughed, " who notice everything! " " Ah, but I speak of nothing." She looked at him a moment. " You're still more impertinent than Bates. You'l...
Book Details
ISBN-13: 9780217379120
Publisher: General Books
Binding: Paperback
Language: English
Returnable: N
Spine Width: 7 mm
Width: 186 mm
ISBN-10: 0217379125
Publisher Date: 08 Jan 2012
Height: 242 mm
No of Pages: 126
Series Title: English
Weight: 241 gr
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