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Gender and Sexuality

Gender and Sexuality

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SINCE THE DAWN of mankind, human beings have unquestioningly accepted the self-evident biological truth that there are only two distinct sexes - male and female. Furthermore, this truth was understood to be divinely established, as indicated in the ancient Hebrew writings of Moses: "So God created man in his own image ... male and female he created them. And God blessed them" (Gen 1:27, 28). Similarly with the concomitant truth that there are only two distinct genders - masculine and feminine. Moreover, in ancient times the dual genders were seen as fundamental and complementary universal principles that infused and fashioned everything in the created cosmos. One familiar expression of this ancient metaphysical belief is the Chinese Taoist principles of yin and yang. Throughout history, stable and productive family units, tribal groupings, social communities, and even vast empires were globally established on the exigent foundational truths of sexuality and gender - that is - until very recently. Beginning in the mid-1950s, what had been perennially and universally accepted regarding sex and gender began to be academically questioned and challenged. This ideological heterodoxy quickly accelerated in the 1960s with the inception and radical cultural impact of the sexual revolution and the feminist movement. Increased and well-organized gay and lesbian activism in the 1970s also did much to publicly reject the traditional dichotomies of male-female and masculine-feminine in order to promote a novel range of non-normative sexualities and exotic gender categories. By the early 2000s, sociological theorists, academic institutions, media organizations, civil rights groups, medical associations, political parties, national governments and international agencies were all becoming involved in a cultural drive to "mainstream" this radically-new and socially-transformative gender ideology. While even to casual observation, it is evident that this contemporary sexual revolution is causing fierce political and social upheaval, what can be perplexing to a deeper spiritual analysis are questions such as: "What exactly are sexuality and gender; and are they synonymous or different? What is causing the current sexual revolution? Why is it occurring at this particular time in world history? Is this sexual revolution progressive or regressive; beneficial or harmful? Are there spiritual forces and beings involved in this upheaval; and are they godly or evil?" This particular discourse, then - Gender and Sexuality in Light of Esoteric Science - heavily relies on ancient Yogic teachings, age-old Egyptian Hermetic philosophy, hidden Rosicrucian wisdom and the anthroposophical research of clairvoyant investigator, Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) to profoundly and penetratingly address these important questions. In order to rationally embrace the binary truth of gender - masculine and feminine - it will be necessary to first understand the Trinitarian nature of God, and then perceive how the divine nature is faithfully reflected throughout the created universe, including human existence. After which, in order to similarly embrace the binary truth of human sexuality - male and female - it will be necessary to clairvoyantly trace the history and development of mankind on earth, back to far-distant primordial ages. The much-celebrated "freedoms" brought about by the sexual revolution will be seen and understood to be an inimical supernatural assault on reason, reality, nature and progressive human evolution, particularly by Luciferic and Ahrimanic beings and forces. The current state of sexual and gender confusion, therefore, is not regarded as a positive development by esoteric science; but rather a seriously-harmful and seductive delusionary entrapment that must be challenged, arrested and positively corrected.
About the Author: Having been born in 1950, Ron MacFarlane's Presbyterian family background was enormously deepened and expanded in his formative teenage years by the influx of exotic Eastern mysticism into Western society during the "Psychedelic Sixties." But it was during his twenty-first year that several profound spiritual experiences would shape his relationship with Christ-Jesus for the rest of his life. During that time, he experienced a blinding encounter with the Risen Saviour (similar to St. Paul) as well as the transcendent experience of "Christ-consciousness" on the other side of the threshold. Moreover, a supersensory calling from Christian Rosenkreutz and a later physical encounter with a mysterious emissary would eventually direct Ron's attention to Rudolf Steiner and to anthroposophy. Consequently, Ron has been a dedicated Rosicrucian student and a strong supporter of anthroposophy for over thirty-five years. This deep and abiding interest in esoteric Christianity has been harmoniously complemented since 2006 by an equally deep devotion to the Church of St. Peter. This conversion to the Catholic Faith was the result of an inner directive from Our Saviour during the previous Christmas season. Ron is happily retired from a professional career as a high school art teacher and currently lives in Mission BC, Canada, with his loving wife Anne Marie, close to their four adult daughters and three grandchildren.

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  • Publisher Date: 18 Sep 2017
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