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The Healthy Living Lifestyle

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About the Book
Perhaps you're asking yourself: "Who is Amy Culver and why should I read her book?" That's a good question. After all, there are countless books available containing weight-loss plans. Some are even guaranteed to help you lose a lot of weight in a short period of time. This book doesn't come with that kind of guarantee. In fact, I'd be much happier to see you lose weight at a moderate and healthy pace.

I'm not a doctor and I don't play one on TV. I'm not a celebrity chef or celebrity trainer. I am a Certified Personal Trainer and I can offer you something even better.

I am one of you.

I am a food addict and I have been where you are: overweight, depressed, and wondering if I'd ever be able to conquer my food addiction and lose weight. I am 5'6" and weighed more than 300 pounds at my heaviest. Suffice it to say, I ate large quantities of food on a daily basis. It was hard for me to move. I hurt inside and out most of the time. My marriage and family life suffered terribly. You may be in a similar predicament. I want you to know that there is a way out.

By eating less, moving more and making small changes to my lifestyle, I was able to lose 165 pounds. Those small changes are detailed in my book.

The book consists of three sections:

  • The details of my journey - how my weight problems began and how I was able to overcome them.
  • Advice to help you create your own personalized food and exercise plan.
  • My "Little Tips for Big Weight Loss" - small changes you can make to help you achieve your own Healthy Living Lifestyle.
My goal is to reach as many people as possible and stop as many obesity-related "suicides" as I can. I want the morbidly obese to know that there is hope and to know what losing weight can do for them. I want to express the joy of feeling fit and healthy. I want them to know there is someone who knows just how they feel.
About the Author: Amy Culver, CPT, CLC, known as the Queen of Lean, has a new and unique perspective on healthy living and weight loss. The difference? She's been where you are and knows how you feel. How many of today's "exercise gurus" can say that? Once 300 pounds, a smoker and generally unhealthy person, she knows how hard life is when you are significantly overweight. When you have trouble bending over to put your shoes on, how are you going to get down on the floor to do crunches? Like most overweight people, Amy tried to lose weight many times. She'd start a new plan and lose some weight, only to gain it all back, and more. Eventually, in addition to blood pressure problems, she developed Type 2 Diabetes. Diagnosed with a disease that would be with her the rest of her life, she knew she had to make permanent lifestyle changes to manage it. This meant no more fad diets or quick-weight-loss schemes. On her doctor's advice, she used Weight Watchers for her food plan. For exercise, she began slowly and worked her way up to a more vigorous routine. From the start, she promised herself she would never do any exercise she wasn't comfortable with. If she went too far outside her comfort zone, she assured herself she would stop. She discovered that small changes made big differences. Those small changes are detailed in this book. Using them, she brought her diabetes and blood pressure problems under control and was able to lose 165 pounds. In addition, her long struggle with depression became more manageable. It is Amy's wish to share her experiences with those who are now where she has been. She hopes to inspire them to create their own "Healthy Living Lifestyle," taking the necessary steps with comfort and confidence. Amy resides in Arizona with her husband Steven and their two cats. She writes a Health & Fitness column for a local newspaper and an e-mail newsletter. She exercises daily with her gym buddy, Carol, and is active in her community and local parish.
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Publisher Date: 30 Aug 2011
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