If I Stay

If I Stay

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ISBN-13: 9781909531239
Publisher: Random House Children's Publishers UK
Edition: Film Tie-in
Illustrations: No
No of Pages: 256
Spine Width: 19 mm
Width: 137 mm
ISBN-10: 1909531235
Publisher Date: 03 Jul 2014
Depth: 19
Height: 198 mm
Language: ENGLISH
Returnable: Y
Weight: 257 gr
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(If I Stay)

When I read this book first time, I didn’t like it much. Maybe I had too much expectation due to a million good reviews. I did shed a few tears, but I didn’t weep like the backcover said. However, when I read it for the second time, I was able to grasp it much better. And yes, I had a good cry. So, I guess it was a good book.

What I Liked:

1.The Idea! It was an AWESOME story idea! It asks a fundamental question: is this life worth living even when your whole world is turned upside down? This question was explored in a really unique way.

2.Mia. Mia is a relatable character, especially for introverts. Her relationship with her cello was also interesting.

3.Adam. He was kind of opposite to Mia, being into rock music and all. He was even popular. But he was not in any way a jock. Finally, we get somewhat a different kind of couple!

4.Mia’s Parents. They are the coolest parents ever! Their relationship with Mia was also awesome. Finally, we get to see a teenager having good relationship with her parents.

5.The writing style. Is it possible that I liked the Writing style, but also didn’t like the writing style? Well, in my case it is. I really liked the writing style during the flashbacks, and yet at other places I didn’t.

What I Didn't Liked:

The Writing Style. As I said, the flashback scenes were awesome. But in rest of the scenes I felt disconnected. Mia could touch and manipulate things, but couldn’t feel anything. In Mia’s words: “it’s like I’m experiencing everything through a fishbowl.” Since Mia was the narrator, her numbness was a hindrance. It was like I too was experiencing everything through a fishbowl. Maybe that’s why I didn’t like it the first time. This writing style made this story too subtle. When I read it the second time, I knew what to expect (in terms of writing style), so I was able to go much deeper in the story.

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