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The Last Loose Tooth NR

The Last Loose Tooth

International Edition
About the Book
Everyone loses their baby teeth - but how do the teeth feel about leaving?

This funny reimagining of the Tooth Fairy myth from the teeth's perspective is the perfect purchase for any child with a loose tooth or those visiting the dentist for the first time!

Lou is the last loose baby tooth in the mouth. All of the other teeth take the plunge, one by one, into the great unknown. These charismatic teeth have creative ways of falling out. The front teeth go first, always wanting to be the center of attention. It's not long before a rotten tooth is pulled by the dentist. One falls out in the bath and another in the museum. Lou is determined never to leave the mouth and stay exactly where he is until... the BORING adult teeth move in. When Lou finally decides he's had enough, he goes with the Tooth Fairy to the Land of Teeth, where all his friends are waiting for him.
About the Author: TYLER CLARK BURKE is an award-winning designer, writer, illustrator and artist. She has been a central figure in the Canadian music scene, having co-founded the acclaimed label Three Gut Records, and continues to work with various musicians including longtime collaborator Feist. Tyler lives in Toronto with her husband Jeremy, where-in a candle-lit garden ceremony-she and her two kids, Rooksby and Hugo, successfully contacted the tooth fairy and reminded her to come back. The Last Loose Tooth is her first book with Random House. You can find her on Instagram at @tcbtcbtcb.

Book Details
ISBN-13: 9780593121443
Publisher: Random House Children's Books
Publisher Imprint: Random House Books for Young Readers
Height: 279 mm
No of Pages: 40
Spine Width: 15 mm
Width: 221 mm
ISBN-10: 0593121449
Publisher Date: 01 Sep 2020
Binding: Hardback
Language: English
Returnable: Y
Weight: 276.94 gr
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