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Longinus The Vampire

Longinus The Vampire

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About the Book

Sometimes...evil can be good.

The story as revealed on a mysterious clay tablet discovered recently near the Dead Sea.

The fate of the Kingdom of Babylonia hangs by a gossamer thread. The Babylonian gods are in a cataclysmic struggle with the Jewish god; King Nebuchadnezzar has become a savage beast; murderous traitors surround Queen Amytis and her children; and evil creatures prowl the streets at night.

The high priestess of Marduk prays for a saviour to deliver the city from evil. Ereshkigal, the Queen of the Underworld, hears her entreaties and searches through time for a dark champion. Touched that Longinus sacrificed himself to save Lilith, she rescues him from Hell and brings him back to ancient Babylon.

She reveals to him that the terrifying demoness, Lamashtu, is intent on breaking open the gates of the underworld and letting the dead spew forth across the land. Smitten by her beauty and noble altruism, Longinus pledges to be her champion. But time is running out for the lovers. The King of Demons in Hell is using all of his diabolical power to recapture Longinus and destroy the goddess.

His quest is long and perilous. In a dangerous paradox, he confronts Lilith prior to her creating him, and before he infected her with the weak human emotions of love and pity. Armies of the dead, evil mortals and hideous vampire priests seek to destroy him, but he must crush his enemies and ride into the Valley of Death.

And in that vile pit of obscenities and corruption, he must face his malevolent nemesis - She Who Destroys.

This is a time for heroes - at the Gate of the Gods - in the Golden City of Babylon.


Longinus the Vampire: Babylon is an epic roller coaster ride of thrills, chills and salacious temptations.

It contains scenes of violence, horror, eroticism and high adventure that will prevent humans from entering the realm of Somnus.

The dark saga is scribed in the tongue of the Britons.

Gird your loins, mortal, and enter of your own free will.

This will be your most exciting journey into the darkness...


Longinus website with unearthly vampire images dedicated to readers.


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Product Details
  • ISBN-13: 9798716383609
  • Publisher: Independently Published
  • Publisher Imprint: Independently Published
  • Height: 229 mm
  • No of Pages: 346
  • Series Title: Longinus the Vampire
  • Weight: 467 gr
  • ISBN-10: 8716383605
  • Publisher Date: 04 Mar 2021
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Language: English
  • Returnable: N
  • Spine Width: 18 mm
  • Width: 152 mm

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