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A Man

A Man

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Excerpt from book: BEING ONE'S SELF. "Why then of yourselves judge ye not what is right?"? Luke xii. 57. Evolution everywhere and always consists of a series of progressive changes from the homogeneous to the heterogeneous, as the scientific men tell us. That is, it is a series of changes from the simple to the complex, from sameness to variety. If, for instance, we could have watched the process of growth by which a nebula once became this solar system of ours, we should have seen that the nebula was apparently alike in all its particles and parts; and, by the process of change that went on, at last we had our sun, the planets and their moons, the comets and asteroids, all of these different bodies that make up the solar system. And, if we could have watched the change still further when we came to our earth, we should have seen for a long period of time a molten globe, apparently homogeneous in all its parts. At last, however, land appears, and water, and an atmosphere, and the water is separated and divided, and we have oceans and lakes and rivers and brooks; and the land takes on a variety of forms, and we have plains and valleys and mountains. And not only this, that the land takes on a variety of forms so far as its superficial aspect is concerned; also there is a series of changes by which in different parts of the earth there are different kinds of soils, and an almost innumerable variety of metals and minerals, granites, flints, precious stones, iron, silver, gold, copper, and all the diversity of ores. The change that has been going on has been from sameness to variety, from simplicity to complexity everywhere. And, when life appeared on the earth, the first forms were apparently homogeneous, very much the same, so far as any external observation would be able to acquaint an on-lo...
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ISBN-13: 9780217425865
Publisher: General Books
Binding: Paperback
Language: English
Returnable: N
Spine Width: 3 mm
Width: 186 mm
ISBN-10: 0217425860
Publisher Date: 06 Feb 2012
Height: 242 mm
No of Pages: 52
Series Title: English
Weight: 109 gr
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