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Marine Botany

Marine Botany

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International Edition

About the Book

The most respected reference in the field--and a fascinating tourof the world's largest underwater greenhouse . . .


Second Edition

Unmatched in detail and breadth, this Second Edition of MarineBotany explores the startling diversity and environmental dynamicsof the hundreds of micro- and macroalgae, seagrasses, mangroves, and salt marshes as well as phytoplankton (minute, free-floatingphotosynthetic plants) and benthic communities (attached plants)that comprise the flourishing botanical garden submerged in andaround the surface of our vast oceans.

Reflecting the latest in research since the original 1981 edition, long considered the classic reference on marine plant life, thisnew edition's enhanced ecological perspective details the ongoingenvironmental challenges endured by these fragile life-forms.Viewing the structure and function of marine plant communities inthe context of abiotic (light, temperature, water movement, nutrients), biotic (photosynthesis, carbon fixation, competition, predation, symbiosis), and anthropogenic influences, the book moveslayer by layer through the ocean, capturing their photosyntheticand adaptive mechanisms. Pollution in the form of oil spills, heavyand radioactive metals, biological damage wrought from harvestingand aquaculture, and the harmful effects of ozone depletion andUV-B rays are detailed, along with the impact of environmentalfactors on morphological and anatomical adaptations. The book alsodescribes the anthropogenic stresses endured by salt marshes, mangals, seagrass communities, and marine plants of coral reefs, concluding with possible management and restorativetechniques.

Marine Botany, Second Edition is both a vivid global map andcomprehensive guide to all of the flourishing forms of plant lifeat our oceans' surface, shores, and depths and the dynamics oftheir survival.
About the Author: CLINTON J. DAWES is a University Distinguished Research Professor at the University of South Florida.

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  • ISBN-13: 9780471192084
  • Publisher: Wiley
  • Publisher Imprint: Wiley
  • Depth: 25
  • Height: 242 mm
  • No of Pages: 496
  • Series Title: English
  • Weight: 865 gr
  • ISBN-10: 0471192082
  • Publisher Date: 27 Feb 1998
  • Binding: Hardback
  • Edition: 2 SUB
  • Language: English
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  • Spine Width: 29 mm
  • Width: 164 mm

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