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OneKey means all your resources are in one place for maximum convenience, simplicity, and success.


Ordering OneKey for Blackboard™.  For campuses with Blackboard partnerships, Prentice Hall provides all of the OneKey content for you to upload directly into your Blackboard course.  Blackboard OneKey Student Access Kits can be packaged with Pindyck & Rubinfeld's Microeconomics 6/e for FREE, by ordering ISBN 0-13-148861-9 with your college bookstore.  Bookstores can also order Blackboard OneKey Student Access Kits separately (for a nominal fee) by ordering ISBN 0-13-148705-1.  For more information or to adopt OneKey for Blackboard, please contact your local Prentice Hall Representative. 


What’s "Key" for Instructors

  • Instructor’s Resource Center.  Our Instructor’s Resource Center contains EVERY instructor’s resource in an easy to download format.  Accessible only by registered professors.
  • Create and assign tests, quizzes, or graded homework assignments. Accessible only by registered professors.


What’s "Key" for Students

  • Digital .pdf's of the Print Study Guide - Easy to download and print, these .pdf files are identical to the traditional printed study guide sold in stores for over $45.  Prepared by Valerie Suslow of the University of Michigan and Jonathan Hamilton of the University of Florida, the study guide provides students with wide variety review materials and exercises.  Each chapter contains a list of important concepts, chapter highlights, a concept review, problem sets, and a self-test quiz.  Worked out answers and solutions are provided for all exercises, problem sets, and self-test questions.
  • Digital Self Graded Study Guide - Offers students another opportunity to sharpen their problem-solving skills and to assess their understanding of the text material. It contains a set of both multiple choice and essay quizzes.   Each question submitted by the student is graded and immediate feedback for correct and incorrect answers is provided.  
  • PowerPoint Lecture Presentation
  • Research Navigator™. Your OneKey course gives you direct access to Prentice Hall’s powerful online research tool, Research Navigator. Research Navigator is an on-line academic research service that helps students learn and master the skills needed to write effective papers and complete research assignments. Research Navigator includes three databases of credible and reliable source material.
    • EBSCO’s ContentSelect™ Academic Journal database gives you instant access to thousands of academic journals and periodicals. You can search these on-line journals by keyword, topic, or multiple topics. It also guides students step-by-step through the writing of a research paper.
    • The New York Times Search-by-Subject™ Archive allows you to search by subject and by keyword
    • Link Library is a collection of links to web sites, organized by academic subject and key terms. The links are monitored and updated each week.
Book Details
ISBN-13: 9780131487055
Publisher: Addison Wesley Longman
Binding: Paperback
Height: 219 mm
Series Title: English
Weight: 54.48 gr
ISBN-10: 0131487051
Publisher Date: 01 May 2004
Edition: 0006-
Language: English
Spine Width: 4.75 mm
Width: 159.75 mm
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