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About the Book
An esoteric story of creation, the ongoing struggle between mankind and fallen angels, and the ultimate battle between good and evil. God Versus the Devil in a Clash of the supernal forces. In a tale of five warriors, four sacrifices, and one destiny, the greatest imperfect evil endeavors supreme rule over the universe. A generation of divinely elected warriors face-off against the demonic contents of hell whilst facing the hardships that comes with the endowment of cosmic power. As Ethereael heard the cries of an infant baby, something inside of him woke up and couldn t bear the pain of letting a small child die by the hands of a ruthless and evil demon tyrant. Ethereael began to control the meteor that he placed himself in. He then began to head toward Earth in a speed that not even he knew he possessed. As the meteor containing Ethereael moved faster and faster, it got closer and closer to the planet Earth. And as it got closer, it reached the Earth s atmosphere and quickly fell from the sky like a falling star, and finally, it crashed into a tall abandoned building that was destroyed upon impact. Pieces of the abandoned building and the small meteor that was destroyed was scattered everywhere. A large pile of rubble was left on the ground, and Mephistopheles legions noticed that something crashed into a nearby building, and whatever crashed into the building was starting to move. There was something in the rubble; it kept making a rumbling sound like the gigantic foot-steps of a great titan. Something powerful or gigantic was making its way to the battle-field. And out of the large pile of rubble, something emerged and walked out of the disastrous smoke. It was Ethereael, the son of ether, he had returned, only to find the army of his bitter enemy. The son of ether raised his countenance to reveal his mercury eyes being graced with purple electricity. And when Ethereael realized his enemies didn t care for children or human beings in general, he spoke loudly in a confident and affirmative tone, and said, Put the child down now! The demon laughed, saying, Make me, mortal! Ethereael replied, saying, Fine then, have it your way, demon. The demon gripped the female infant by her shirt as if he had no care for the infant at all, Ethereael saw the way that the demon held the child, and slowly walked toward the demon and disappeared, when he re-appeared, he stood directly behind the demon, and then he disappeared again, and finally, he re-appeared in front of him. As the demon stood face-to-face with him, the demon began to attack, and as soon as the demon moved, Ethereael moved like lightning as he took the infant and disappeared, and then he re-appeared from a distance while holding the female infant as if she was his own child. The infant gazed into the mercury eyes of the son of ether and began smiling and giggling at him. The demon was surprised and in complete awe, for he only knew of one creature with power that was even close to Ethereael s powers, and when the demon saw this, he was scared of Ethereael s power. Ethereael stared at him with a look on his face that spoke for itself. The demon leader was afraid of the son of ether, and because of his fear of Ethereael, he then commanded a legion of ten-thousand demons to attack and destroy him immediately...."
About the Author: Simon E. Jackson is an initiated student of Metaphysics. He possesses an in-depth gnosis of meditation and cosmic consciousness. His writing shows a descriptive ability that allows his fiction to seem like reality to the readers. Born in Brooklyn, New York and currently residing in Kentucky, he continues to consummate his writing by using something he calls, the universal pen. "
Book Details
ISBN-13: 9781440131219
Publisher: iUniverse
Publisher Imprint: iUniverse
Height: 216 mm
No of Pages: 404
Spine Width: 21 mm
Weight: 468 gr
ISBN-10: 144013121X
Publisher Date: 04 Jun 2009
Binding: Paperback
Language: English
Returnable: N
Sub Title: An Esoteric Story
Width: 140 mm
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