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Optics and Lasers in Biomedicine and Culture

Optics and Lasers in Biomedicine and Culture

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About the Book

Optics.- In Search of the Earliest Known Lenses (Dating Back 4500 Years).- Study on Reproduction of Sound from Old Wax Phonograph Cylinders Using the Laser.- Dynamic Holographic Image Projection: The Key to Optical Interfacing.- A Novel Electronic-Speckle-Pattern-Interferometer (ESPI) for Dynamic-Holographic-Endoscopy.- The Endoscopic Application of the Deconvolution Filter Set Method.- A Coherent Optical Technique Useful in Biomechanics: Holographic Interferometry.- Relative and Absolute Coordinates Measurement by Phase-Stepping Laser Interferometry.- Reproduction of Sounds from an Old Russian Wax Phonograph Cylinder by Various Optical Methods.- Optical Reproduction of Sounds from Negative Phonograph Cylinders.- Applications of Video Holographie Interferometry in Textile Conservation.- Second-Harmonic Generation Imaging.- Non-Steady-State Photocurrents in Indium-Oxide Thin-Film Holographie Recorders.- Bending Loss in Mid-Infrared Waveguides and Fibers.- Twin-Image Elimination in Digital In-line Holography.- Examination of Jade Conditions by Laser Technology.- Laser and Optics in Art Conservation.- Application of UV-Lasers in Historical Glass Cleaning.- Humanoid Machine Vision Systems and Underwater Archeology.- Near-Ultraviolet Pulsed Laser Interaction with Contaminants and Pigments on Parchment: Spectroscopic Diagnostics for Laser Cleaning Safety.- A Preliminary Study into the Suitability of Femtosecond Lasers for the Removal of Adhesive from Canvas Paintings.- UV-laser Ablation of Polymerized Resin Layers and Possible Oxidation Processes in Oil-Based Painting Media.- Vibration Monitoring by TV-Holography - a Diagnostic Tool in the Conservation of Historical Murals.- Algorithms for Pigment Identification.- Investigations of Handwritten Manuscripts by Means of Optical Correlation Methods.- Optical Fibers for the Cultural Heritage II: The Monitoring of Lighting in Museum Environments.- Fast and Precise Determination of Painted Artwork Composition by Laser Induced Plasma Spectroscopy.- Application of Factor Analysis and Multivariate Curve Resolution Techniques for the Separation and Identification of Raman Spectra from Pigments on Artworks.- Automatic Acquisition and Evaluation of Optically Achieved Range Data of Medical and Archaeological Samples.- Surface Modification of Wood by Laser Irradiation.- Decoration of Glass by Surface and Sub-surface Laser Engraving.- Experimental Studies on Black Crusted Sandstone Cleaning by Various UV Wavelengths.- Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy in the Analysis of Pigments In Painted Artworks. A Database of Pigments and Spectra.- Optical Fibers for the Cultural Heritage I: Picture Varnishes as Thermosensitive Fiber Cladding.- Non-invasive Measurements of Damage of Frescoes Paintings and Icons by Laser Scanning Vibrometer: A Comparison of Different Exciters Used with Artificial Samples.- FTIR Imaging Spectroscopy for Organic Surface Analysis of Embedded Paint Cross-Sections.- Advanced Workstation for Controlled Laser Cleaning of Paintings.- Illumination System for the Theodosius' Plate.- Research and Development of Raman Spectroscopy with Optical Fibre. Application to Pigments Identification.- The Potential Uses of Lasers and Layer Manufacture in Conservation.- Identification of Pigments by Raman Microscopy: Relevance to the Authentication or Otherwise of Egyptian Papyri.- Progress in the Use of Excimer Lasers to Clean Easel Paintings.- Discrimination of Photomechanical Effects in the Laser Cleaning of Artworks by Means of Holographic Interferometry.- Cleaning of Ceramics Using Lasers of Different Wavelength.- Non-Destructive Analysis of Two Post-Byzantine Icons by Use of the Multi Spectral Imaging System (MU.S.I.S 2007).- Lasers in Medicine.- TMLR: Potential Mechanisms of Action and Design Parameters for Excimer-Based Clinical Systems.- Lasers in Modern Cataract-Surgery.- Correlation of Thermal and Mechanical Effects of the Holmium Laser for Various Clinical Applications.- Intra-operati...

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  • ISBN-13: 9783540666486
  • Publisher: Springer
  • Binding: Hardback
  • Language: English
  • Returnable: Y
  • Spine Width: 22 mm
  • Weight: 702 gr
  • ISBN-10: 3540666486
  • Publisher Date: 07 Mar 2000
  • Height: 234 mm
  • No of Pages: 376
  • Series Title: Series of the International Society on Optics Within Life Sc
  • Sub Title: Contributions to the Fifth International Conference on Optics Within Life Scienes Owls V Crete, 13-16 October 1998
  • Width: 156 mm

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