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The Power Of The Productive Mind POD/NR

The Power Of The Productive Mind

International Edition
About the Book
The Power of the Productive Mind is a superb confidence builder that is committed to keep you from recycling your everyday problems over and over again. This book is written to revitalize your mind with positive thinking, so that you can make enormous strides on important issues that affect your life. The reliable information and valuable tips presented to you will clearly enhance your memory in these challenging times. The simple and straight forward methods in this book are outlined to reinforce your mindset and place it in full motion to improve your lifelong possibilities. THE POWER OF THE PRODUCTIVE MIND will empower you and equip you with gleaming insight towards a higher level of enlightenment. This book will ultimately alert your spirit and revolutionize your mind, body and soul to deal with unwanted problems. Reading this book will allow financial freedom to flow and take center stage in your life. With the global economy in shambles, it is time for you to place your emphasis on strategies that will put your heart and mind at total ease and this is what the POWER OF THE PRODUCTIVE MIND will actually enforce into your system. Reading this book makes provisions for you to test your own capabilities in many ways with positive thinking and forewarned awareness towards a responsible lifestyle. There are major suggestions towards answering crucial questions that will help you clarify your own doubting mentality. The dynamics of this book helps you to make clear choices towards overcoming obstacles with spiritual insight and intelligence. This book tests your capabilities towards achieving wisdom, knowledge and understanding when your vision and mindset is under severe attack, so that you can remain cool and collective to achieve your goals and ambitions. The Power Of The Productive Mind touches on major issues that teaches and motivates you on how to control yourself when unexpected situations arise. It provides strict moral values and encouraging life changing experiences for the entire family, while it explains how to modify your spiritual life and how to be responsible individuals on the road to success. Follow this simple step by step method that deals with the facts of reality, it will impact your emotional mindset because this is the moment of truth you have been waiting for, so please read this book carefully so that you can apply and absorb the valuable principles with confidence to stabilize your life. The practical experience and insight that you will receive from reading this book will certainly allow you to take full control of your life on a daily basis while it will enable you to walk out of your own life's misery without "FEAR or REGRETS. Folks, immediately apply your new found knowledge that will help you change your current life's situations around. Remember when you're slammed and hammered in crucial times and the things you are trying to accomplish make you explode with outrageous words that should not come out of your mouth, "FEAR NOT" The Power Of The Productive Mind is here to relieve those stressful days. The inspirational teaching from this powerful book will elevate you to the fullest extent and it will make you discover how to bring comfort, pleasure and relaxation to your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional mindset. "YOU GOT THE POWER" so unleash it today by embracing and enjoying, "The Power Of The Productive Mind". Accompanying this great book is an inspirational song "FEAR NOT" that can be downloaded at "FEAR NOT" is a stress reliever that will penetrate deep into the secret parts of your heart and mind to release the daily pressures of life. "FEAR NOT" is written and arranged by Mel Arthur and sung by "The Messenger JEROME JERRY" who is a gifted Psalmist. We all deserve a better quality of living, so embrace a copy of "FEAR NOT" AND ITS PERSONAL PARTNER "THE POWER OF THE PRODUCTIVE MIND" TODAY.
About the Author: My name is Melverne Arthur, I was born and raised in the Eastern Caribbean country Trinidad & Tobago. In August 1989 I migrated to the United States to further my ambition. However in March, 1991 I married my beautiful wife, Gwendolyn who is a great inspiration to me. Over the years my wife has encouraged me to accomplish everything I have set my mind to. After a brief hospital stay, the Holy Spirit led me to write a book "The Power of the Productive Mind" to revitalize your mindset. By being obedient to the voice of the good Lord, the end result is the manifestation that concerns "You facing reality", and so far I have written twenty-one books. My vision is to inspire and motivate people in these perilous times to understand the pure facts of life, so they can improve themselves to receive a better quality of living. My desire is to bring out the best in everyone. This book is designed to motivate you and inspire you to demand a better way of living for you and your entire family. In order to raise the quality and standard of living in your household, you must first be willing to accept change and absorb a positive mind set. Show where you stand with your "Faith, Trust and Belief'?" I welcome you to "THE POWER of the PRODUCTIVE MIND" your effective reality of life teaching. Take full advantage of this golden opportunity by activating aggressive measures towards accomplishing your goals, visions, and ambitions. So many people have hidden talents but become fearful of being condemned by society. Due to that fear and self confidence, they are unable to utilize their skills, talents and ideas in society. This hampers them from having a second chance with what life has to offer. Use the "Positive" steps in "The Power of the Productive Mind" to remove the fear barrier that is hindering your progression in life. We all are God's children and we are very important to the creator. God is love and it is wise that we show love and gratitude towards one another. To stay on the road to success, we must not let our jealous heart rule us. Envy, jealousy, and pride are all found in the hearts of man and that is not pertaining to the love of God. It is certainly up to you to decide and choose what is best for you while building a solid foundation for you and your families' survival. Follow your heart and build your integrity and character through excellence as your dreams and ambitions leads you to your future destiny.
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ISBN-13: 9781463576288
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publisher Imprint: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Height: 203 mm
No of Pages: 202
Series Title: English
Weight: 204 gr
ISBN-10: 1463576285
Publisher Date: 15 Sep 2011
Binding: Paperback
Language: English
Returnable: N
Spine Width: 11 mm
Width: 127 mm
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