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OneKey means all your resources are in one place for maximum convenience, simplicity, and success. For campuses with partnerships, Prentice Hall provides all of the OneKey content to load directly into your course on your school's server. OneKey Student Access Kits can be packaged with Case & Fairs Principles of Macroeconomics 7/e and bookstores can also order OneKey Student Access Kits separately for a nominal fee. For more information or to adopt OneKey for, please contact your local Prentice Hall Representative. What's Key for Instructors *Instructor's Resource Center. Our Instructor's Resource Center contains EVERY instructor's resource in an easy to download format. Accessible only by registered professors.* Assessment/Test Manager - Create and assign tests, quizzes, or graded homework assignments using the Multiple Choice, True/False, and Short Answer questions from the Case & Fair Testbank. Questions can be assigned, and automatically graded by Assessment/Test Manager. Accessible only by registered professors.What's Key for Students * eBook - Not only can students now access their complete textbook from anywhere with an internet connection, our interactive eBook completely integrates multimedia resources with the textbook to greatly enhance the student learning experience. Uses the web for what it's good at * Gearing Up - These sections highlight the chapter's central concepts. *Active Examples and Active Exercises help students explore the chapter's most important points through video, audio, and text. *Active Concept Checks allow students to test their understanding of the material at the end of every major section, with links back to appropriate coverage. *ActiveGraphstm Level One - These JAVA-based ActiveGraphs invite students to change the value of variables and shift curves to see the effects in the movements of the graphs. We integrate fifty-five Level One ActiveGraphstm to support key graphs in the text. Not only do correlate these ActiveGraphs to each chapter, but we take integration a step further by integrating them into exactly the right part of the chapter.*ActiveGraphstm Level Two - These Flash-based ActiveGraphstm ask students to modify graphs based on an economic scenario or question. Students receive an instant response to their answers. If their answer is incorrect, the response will detail how they should have modified they should have modified the graph. We integrate thirty-three Level Two ActiveGraphstm to support key graphs in the text. Not only do correlate these ActiveGraphs to each chapter, but we take integration a step further by integrating them into exactly the right part of the chapter. *Chapter Wrap-Ups include: * Summary * Review Terms and Concepts * Problem Set * Practice Quizzes *Digital .pdf's of the Print Study Guide - Easy to download and print, these .pdf files are identical to the traditional printed study guide sold in stores for over $40. This study aid reinforces the textbook and provides students with additional applications and exercises. Each chapter contains the following elements: * Point-by-Point Chapter Objectives. A list of learning goals for the chapter is provides.Each objective is followed-up with a summary of the material, learning tips for each concept, and practice questions with solutions. * Practice Tests. Approximately 20 multiple-choice questions and answers. * Application Questions. A series of questions that require the use of graphic or numerical analysis to solve economic problems. * Solutions. Worked-out solutions to all questions in the Study Guide. * Comprehensive Part Exams. Exams to test the students' overall comprehension, consisting of multiple-choice and application questions. Solutions to all questions are also provided. * The Study Guide also points to further useful practice for students using the technology resources available on the Companion
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ISBN-13: 9780131486201
Publisher: Addison Wesley Longman
Publisher Imprint: Addison Wesley Longman
Edition: 0007-
Language: English
Series Title: English
Weight: 49.94 gr
ISBN-10: 0131486209
Publisher Date: 01 Mar 2019
Binding: Paperback
Height: 223 mm
Returnable: N
Spine Width: 3 mm
Width: 145 mm
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