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The Project Management Advisor

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With so many project management books in print, why do projects still come in late and over budget? While other books tell you how to plan, they don't explain how to save projects in real life, when things go awry. This book identifies the 18 most pervasive causes of project failure and their warning signs, explains why they happen, and shows exactly how to overcome them. Drawing on 20 years of frontline project management experience, Lonnie Pacelli shows you how to ensure you're working on the right problem, how to keep project sponsors committed, and how to ensure effective risk management. He offers hard-won insights on realistically determining a project's scope, involving the right people in cross-disciplinary teams, managing multiple project risks, and bringing each project to a strong finish. You'll discover new ways to get all your team members on the same page, streamline that endless final 10% of your projects, and reduce last-minuterework caused by unanticipated stakeholders. From start to finish, this book was crafted for working project managers. It's concise, relevant, easy to read, full of war stories, and packed with practical resources and advice to help real people cut real project problems off at the pass.
About the Author: Lonnie Pacelli is President of Leading on the Edge International (http: // Lonnie has over 20 years leadership expertise as an executive, project manager, developer, tester, analyst, trainer, consultant, and business owner. During his 11 years at Accenture he built leadership expertise consulting with many Fortune 500 companies including Motorola, Hughes Electronics, and Northrop-Grumman. During his nine years at Microsoft he continued building leadership expertise through development of some of Microsoft's internal systems, led their Corporate Procurement group, managed their Corporate Planning group, and led company-wide initiatives on Continuous Fiscal Improvement and Training Process Optimization. He has successfully implemented projects ranging from complex IT systems to process re-engineering to business strategies.

Lonnie is also currently CEO of Banzai Sushi (http: // in Seattle, WA. Banzai Sushi is the premier manufacturer of frozen sushi products.

Lonnie is also a Principal with Consetta Web Solutions (http: // which specializes in web hosting, marketing, and e-book publishing for small businesses.

Lonnie is also a Partner with Ascend Business Solutions (http: // which specializes in back-office outsourcing, consulting, and providing leadership expertise for small businesses.

Book Details
ISBN-13: 9780131490475
Publisher: FT Press
Publisher Imprint: FT Press
Depth: 6
Height: 229 mm
No of Pages: 167
Series Title: English
Sub Title: 18 Major Project Screw Ups, And How To Cut Them Off At The Pass
Width: 126 mm
ISBN-10: 0131490478
Publisher Date: 03 Sep 2004
Binding: Paperback
Edition: 1
Language: English
Returnable: Y
Spine Width: 12 mm
Weight: 236 gr
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