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The three books of the CD Alczar de cristal are a new addition to Enrique Vargass The Great Flamenco Guitarists of Today Library collection.
Alczar de cristal, the latest work by Rafael Riqueni, is extremely interesting for a variety of reasons. First, there is the wide palette of influences found in the work, from baroque to Spanish musical nationalism, and from jazz to nineteenth-century romanticismall of which Rafael implements within an unmistakably flamenco musical idiom. Second, there is the complexity of the arrangements, which sometimes include three guitars, a string section, piano, etc...
Since there is practically no flamenco literature for more than one guitar, great effort has been made to include these arrangements in the transcriptions, which can be used in both professional settings and for didactic purposes. All the parts where there are more than one guitar have been transcribed in their entirety, making these scores ideal for duets or trios. This opens up some very interesting possibilities for professional flamenco groups or for students who prefer to play with another guitarist. For example, musicians who work in dance companies or who accompany singers can use various falsetas from this album that are arranged for more than one guitar. Flamenco guitar students can also interpret these pieces to learn to play with other musicians.
Finally, this work includes a series of pieces that dont come from the world of pure flamenco, and therefore dont demand a deep knowledge of flamenco forms and techniques, which makes them accessible to guitarists of other stylesclassical, jazz, Brazilian, etc.interested in the flamenco guitar, making these pieces a sortof link between the flamenco guitar and other genres.
Each transcription includes the foll
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ISBN-13: 9790801224231
Publisher: Mel Bay Publications
Publisher Imprint: Mel Bay Publications
Depth: 19
Language: Spanish
Returnable: Y
Spine Width: 15 mm
Weight: 794.5 gr
ISBN-10: 0801224233
Publisher Date: 01 Oct 2008
Binding: Paperback
Height: 295 mm
No of Pages: 243
Series Title: Biblioteca Grandes Guitarras Flamencas de Hoy/The Great Flamenco Guitars Of Today Library
Volume: 1
Width: 208 mm
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