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This manual contains four sets of job simulation exercises, each comprising a number of activities that can be run in sequence or as stand-alone sessions. The simulations can be used for assessment centers or for training. For assessment purposes, there are two optional competence frameworks: managerial and professional. Each activity works as follows: 1) Participants are required to analyze information about the situation and prepare to support a specific, allocated project at a meeting; 2) Then, working as teams, the participants share information, choose one of the projects, and select project team members; 3) The teams are given more information so they can prepare a project plan, including a cash flow forecast; 4) Finally, each team is expected to manage the project remotely, dealing with various problems that arise as the simulation unfolds. The simulations are coded for certain types: 1) Recommendation Meetings where participants have conflicting aims 2) Contingency Activities where interruptions must be handled 3) Planning Activities where participants must prepare plans 4) Combined Recommendations, Planning, and Contingency activities being run in sequence The manual includes everything you need to run all the simulations in their entirety, including all the materials on a CD for easy duplication.
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ISBN-13: 9781599961699
Publisher: HRD Press
Publisher Imprint: HRD Press
Language: English
Returnable: N
ISBN-10: 1599961695
Publisher Date: 28 Nov 2018
Binding: Hardback
No of Pages: 597
Weight: 238350 gr
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