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Excerpt from book: CHAPTER III THE TRACK OF THE CENTIPEDE Craighead felt almost light and gay in the sudden relief from responsibility. His was a nature that could shut a valve, as it were, upon superfluous thoughts and after- anxieties, thus leaving clear passage for the flow of new impressions. The present hour, with its novel environment, assumed importance and reality. The sunlight now slanted in through the car windows opposite to him, for afternoon was well turned. He gazed out in unfeigned interest, observing minutely each detail of the scenes which hurried by. The month was February, yet the air so warm that he was glad to open the window. From the earth came a cool, fragrant moisture that hinted of early frosts, so light that they would melt at the very breath of dawn. In a more northern climate such clemency in winter would have called forth a demonstration of emerald blades and pink leaflets, but here the woods showed only a purple network of bare branches, with infrequent dark lumps of pine and cedar. Underneath spread an endless soaked mass of gray and brown dead ferns. The strongest notes of color came from great red scars on the low hillsides, as if Time had rubbed away a scanty integument of neglected soil, and left a flayed earth. Farms were few and mean. Bent ghosts of ancient corn-stalks chattered in the light breeze and seemed to hold out shrivelled arms toward the train. From the sight of white shreds clinging to rows of low, brown plants, Craighead inferred that here had been a cotton plantation. He thought he recognized tobacco stalks also. Thin,straggling lines of depleted woods shrank to a safe distance, and hid themselves behind formless hills. In the west were purple hints of stately mountains, based upon richer forests of dark evergreen; but these held safely ...
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ISBN-13: 9780217412032
Publisher: General Books
Binding: Paperback
Language: English
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ISBN-10: 0217412033
Publisher Date: 15 Jan 2012
Height: 242 mm
No of Pages: 112
Series Title: English
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