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Uncle Ike

Uncle Ike

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About the Book
Excerpt from book: there hadn't oughter be any trouble in gettin through the world; but a man who's willin' to work 's never turned from this door." Maria was then ordered to bring forth the tin ware laid aside for the Tillage Jack-of-all- trades. The man dropped his duster, rolled up his sleeves and proceeded to lay out the tools on the grass. Meanwhile he was subjected to a running fire of questions. "Where did yer come from?" "Jarsey City." "What're yer doin' so far away from home?" "I'm not thravellin' o' me own choosin'." "How long 've yer been on the road?" "Some weeks." "How far did yer come to-day?" "Melville." "That's twelve miles; yer must be tired. A' man works better when he's freshened up, so I'll get somethin' to put heart in yer," said Uncle Ike, starting for the cellar. When he returned Nancy stood watching the man work. On seeing the pitcher of cider, she remonstrated: had pipe. it and illage. % but nating would night, ild be shlape ty both, takes; -a his o his nself: wile." 1, he juse. askew at Uncle Ike, poured out a glass, drank it, and said: "Thank ye, ma'am." Smacking his lips, he continued: "Be the powers, but it's both mate and dhrink," and Nancy glanced at her husband in triumph. When the work on both tin ware and pitcher was finished, she extended the tinker an invitation to dine in the house, instead of either taking the road at once or eating cold victuals outside. Uncle Ike concluded "Nancy was both doin' things up brown, and rubbin' it in to him." He quietly gave John instructions to "smell that feller's breath, an' remember 'still sows got the swill.'" "That feller's givin' us a lesson how many ways there are o' makin' a livin'. If Samantha drops in, they'll get together an' sparks'll fly. Wouldn't be t...
Book Details
ISBN-13: 9780217413510
Publisher: General Books
Binding: Paperback
Language: English
Returnable: N
Spine Width: 2 mm
Width: 186 mm
ISBN-10: 021741351X
Publisher Date: 04 Feb 2012
Height: 242 mm
No of Pages: 40
Series Title: English
Weight: 91 gr
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