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Unseen Hands

Unseen Hands

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About the Book
Excerpt from book: CHAPTER III WHO KNEW? TT THERE'S that taxi?" Titheredge demanded of VV Peters in the hall. The latter stood near the vestibule talking with two workmen, who; in overalls and with their tool-kits slung over their arms, turned lowering faces toward him. "Taxi, sir ?" Peters started in surprise and then opening the door he peered out. "Just drawing up at the curb, sir. Now then, you two, move one side there and let the gentleman pass." "Who are these men ?" Titheredge paused. Peters hesitated for a moment and seemed to turn a shade more pale. "They say they were sent for to do a bit of carpentering, sir, but I tell them there must have been some mistake; they've got the wrong address I imagine, sir." "Nothin' doin'!" The burlier of the two men stepped forward determinedly. "Someone telephoned to the boss yesterday to send a couple of us up here at half-past seven sharp this morning to hang a big picture; said it would have to be spiked to the wall. We're paid for our time." The attorney turned and looked searchingly at the cowering butler before addressing the truculent workman. "There's no mistake; but the work can't be done now.What's it worth to you to go away and come back just after the noon hour to do the job?" The two consulted together and sulkily named their price. As the attorney paid them, he asked: "Who is your boss ? Where is his shop ?" "Bill Kenny, sir." The generous tip which Titheredge had added to the sum demanded had evidently had a mollifying effect. "His place is over on Eighth Avenue, near Fiftieth. Thank you, sir. We'll be back right after noon." They touched their caps and started down the hall toward the servants' staircase which led to the tradesman's entrance, and the attorney turned to speak to Peters; but that wily i...
Book Details
ISBN-13: 9780217413374
Publisher: General Books
Binding: Paperback
Language: English
Returnable: N
Spine Width: 4 mm
Width: 186 mm
ISBN-10: 0217413374
Publisher Date: 11 Jan 2012
Height: 242 mm
No of Pages: 82
Series Title: English
Weight: 163 gr
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