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Dark Creations

Dark Creations

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About the Book

Gabriel and Melissa were enjoying their time together in Harbingers Falls. Months had gone by with no sign of activity from Dr. Franklin Terzini. Their lives had returned to normal, or as normal as could be expected. They knew that as long as Terzini lived, however, they would never be truly safe. Yet they tried to enjoy each day of safety that passed. Working and planning for college distracted them from the never-ending threat that loomed on their horizon. But jobs and future plans are jeopardized when they discover pregnant women have been disappearing across the country. Their discovery means their days of peace have ended. Gabriel suspects the disappearances are related to Terzini. To be sure, he and Melissa, along with Yoshi and Alexandra, travel to California to see for themselves. While there, they discover that the geneticist has, in fact, been busy in his absence, and that the missing women are just the beginning of an elaborate plot to eradicate humankind. Gabriel's journey leads him to the the small town of Santa Ynez, California. There, he learns that the community has been compromised, infiltrated by a legion of Terzini's creations. Members of the new race walk among the general population, work, even hold positions of power. All the while, its citizens remain unaware. Except one. Army Staff Sergeant Jack Downing has returned to Santa Ynez after completing his final tour of active duty in the Middle East. The impending birth of his first child and adjusting to civilian lifestyle had him feeling nervous and excited; until he saw his wife, Dawn. Dawn melted his every worry. Wrapped in her loving arms he knew their future would be bright. But his warm homecoming is cut short when two police officers arrive at his home and abduct his pregnant wife. Worlds collide in this heart-pounding continuation of the Dark Creations series. Pregnant women are being targeted, a geneticist is being tracked, and abductors will be hunted. Will Gabriel stop Dr. Terzini before he overtakes humanity? Will Jack rescue his wife and unborn child, or have their fates already been sealed?
About the Author: Jennifer and Christopher Martucci hoped that their life plan had changed radically in early 2010. To date, the jury is still out. But late one night, in January of 2010, the stay-at-home mom of three girls under the age of six had just picked up the last doll from the playroom floor and placed it in a bin when her husband startled her by declaring, "We should write a book, together!" Wearied from a day of shuttling the children to and from school, preschool and Daisy Scouts, laundry, cooking and cleaning, Jennifer simply stared blankly at her husband of fifteen years. After all, the idea of writing a book had been an individual dream each of them had possessed for much of their young adult lives. Both had written separately in their teens and early twenties, but without much success. They would write a dozen chapters here and there only to find that either the plot would fall apart, or characters would lose their zest, or the story would just fall flat. Christopher had always preferred penning science-fiction stories filled with monsters and diabolical villains, while Jennifer had favored venting personal experiences or writing about romance. Inevitably though, frustration and day-to-day life had placed writing on the back burner and for several years, each had pursued alternate careers. But the dream had never died. And Christopher suggested that their dream ought to be removed from the back burner for further examination. When he proposed that they author a book together on that cold January night, Jennifer was hesitant to reject the idea outright. His proposal sparked a discussion, and the discussion lasted deep into the night. By morning, the idea for the Dark Creations series was born. The Dark Creations series, as well as the Arianna Rose series, are works that were written while Jennifer and Christopher continued about with their daily activities and raised their young children. They changed diapers, potty trained and went to story time at the local library between chapter outlines and served as room parents while fleshing out each section. Life simply continued. As the storyline continues to evolve, so too does the Martucci collaboration. Lunches are still packed, noses are still wiped and time remains a rare and precious commodity in their household, but it is the sound of happy chaos that is the true background music of their writing. They hope all enjoy reading their work as much as they enjoyed writing it.

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Product Details
  • ISBN-13: 9781480036437
  • Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Publisher Imprint: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Depth: 19
  • Language: English
  • Returnable: N
  • Spine Width: 12 mm
  • Weight: 300 gr
  • ISBN-10: 1480036439
  • Publisher Date: 07 Oct 2012
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Height: 229 mm
  • No of Pages: 218
  • Series Title: English
  • Sub Title: The Hunted
  • Width: 152 mm

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