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Eight 8

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Why do billions of people in Asia believe that the number 8 symbolizes prosperity and good fortune? Eight in Chinese sounds like "to generate wealth." Backed by popular demand, I am honored to present the second edition of this bilingual book in both Chinese and English. Designed for all readers from 8 years old to 888 years old. It brings together world culture, languages, and intriguing facts about the number 8. Did you know that the Chinese carefully chose the exact date of 08/08/2008 to bring good luck and success to the Beijing Olympic Games? Did you know that apartments on the 8th floor in most of Asia are more valuable just because they are considered lucky? Unlock the power of eight and harness the symbolism to your advantage in business and in life. Begin to see the science and history that explain how to leverage the number 8 as a symbol of prosperity. The book inspires the reader to achieve wealth, love, health, and happiness. This bilingual version of the book is a wonderful educational tool for both English and Chinese language learners. It contains original, beautiful, and artistic photographs for a fun read that is easy on the eyes. The book contains eight chapters with 8 sentences in each chapter. Each sentence contains exactly eight words! Embrace the energy of eight and enjoy!!
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ISBN-13: 9781729026250
Publisher: Independently Published
Publisher Imprint: Independently Published
Height: 203 mm
No of Pages: 52
Spine Width: 3 mm
Width: 127 mm
ISBN-10: 1729026257
Publisher Date: 15 Jul 2018
Binding: Paperback
Language: English
Returnable: N
Weight: 63.56 gr
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