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A Better Wor(l)D

A Better Wor(l)D

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About the Book

Good, creative communication is everything. Love is good because it is creative. Everything has only happened and can only happen through love, because if there is no love for, or liking of, something, nothing could come of it. How do we move our arm to do something? It must be love for, or feel like, it to be able to happen.Everything that exists in the world is light - the result of an idea of mind of someone who díd liked that idea, and so everything has happened through love for that idea. Mind means man (manus in Latin), indicating and confirming that man/us is thé one in the world with a creative idea visualization: what else could visualize?Everything has been first a description in the mind self, and that's how our world - our body and all bodies of everything on earth - is (possibly) existing. And that description is brought out of the mind by words, and that's why it is that words create our world. By making our words alike the for all creative words they succeed.Therefore, the intentional meaning of our words is utmost important in our lives, and this we can control by only mentioning what we dó like to see, because that is as we now know, visualizing creatively. All practical creations, from a chair to a computer has been first a described picture in mind of someone: man/ús! To appreciate something means (according to the dictionary): recognize, realize, be grateful for, and increase, and by now appreciating our self mind creativity, we appreciatively stimulate it to be active positively for the benefit of all of us to see to everything, however (un)pleasant it looks, in a better, new way in the future.Poesy means creation (poiesis in Greek), and that's why the following 77 poems, that came to me spontaneously during meditation, are creative by the positive, creative words in it. They are highly lyrical thus appreciative poems, and are thus effective by our reading, at best by also speaking them out privately - by our own self.Because they are stated in the first person(s) - I or we - they are automatically drawing the reader into personally absorbing them to begin with anyway, and that makes them so effective. It is the spell(ing) of our self creative truth now that makes us free. You'll enjoy and inspire yourself with these poems for the sake of (y)óur world!
About the Author: Born in Holland, Louwrens Boomsma considers himself an Anglo-Dutchman, having spent 24 years in the UK working as a photographer. A move to California in 1999 inspired him to become a Truth student--and he learned to regard the temporal human existence in a better way.He studied and practiced ancient Biblical religion, authentic Yoga techniques, and the philosophy of the Old Greeks, discovering that all three adhere to one cause and reason: our Father-Mother, also known as Light-Love or Well-Being, which is not outside of our self, but is the creative mentality of a live, loving human(e) being.He feels that the sharing of the logical fact of what we are is the ultimate way to prepare for our eventual Arrival Home: an eternal, point-of-view position between our heavenly ideal and earthly image. Until that event, he lives a meditative lívestyle during his wor(l)d practice.

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  • ISBN-13: 9781543934205
  • Publisher: Bookbaby
  • Publisher Imprint: Bookbaby
  • Height: 216 mm
  • No of Pages: 88
  • Spine Width: 8 mm
  • Width: 140 mm
  • ISBN-10: 154393420X
  • Publisher Date: 28 Sep 2018
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Language: English
  • Returnable: Y
  • Weight: 110 gr

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