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More than a field of science of medicine, psychoanalysis - the interpretation and treatment of disorders and behaviors of the mind - is field that has touched nearly all other arts and humanities: literature, painting, film, music and more. To understand the underpinnings of this field is to shed light on how much of the Western world has understood itself during the 20th century. The International Dictionary of Psychoanalysis - published in France in 2002 and now available in English - is the most extensive reference work published on this topic. The International Dictionary of Psychoanalysis not only represents all branches of the field, but it also defines the evolution of the different theoretical and clinical psychoanalytical concepts as well as the major individuals, works, events and institutions which have made an impact on the history of the psychoanalytical movement worldwide. It also reveals the history of psychoanalysis in 50 countries and shows the relationship between psychoanalysis and other disciplines, with entries discussing writers, philosophers, literary movements, and historical events. the major psychoanalysts worldwide and 170 articles on their major works. This set distinguishes itself because it brings, in the controversial field of psychoanalysis, an authoritative and non-partisan analysis and history of the discipline, with writers reflecting a cosmopolitan range of ideological positions - Freudians, Jungians, Lacanians, and Kleinians - as well as clinical practitioners and academic historians. The international team of authors representing most parts of the world provides a truly global perspective on this field. Its interdisciplinary approach covering medical, historical, and intellectual aspects, makes it of interest to readers beyond the fields of psychoanalysis, psychology, and medicine.
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