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Of Life and Love

Of Life and Love

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About the Book
Of Life and Love is a remarkable collection of poems that explores the past and probes the future, that analyzes our present-day despair and reveals our shared experience. William Lowenkamp is an astute observer, a man who understands the universal emotions of man and is able to capture everyday life in moments that come to all of us?the joys of young love, the pain of separation, the richness of the inner life of even the most inarticulate. That the author is able to capture all of this in simple lines with little regard for classicism, and that he can make us relieve every emotion he touches on, is a measure of his art.
Book Details
ISBN-13: 9781600020896
Publisher: Airleaf
ISBN-10: 1600020895
Publisher Date: 30/05/2006
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