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Live Your Dreams NR

Live Your Dreams

International Edition
About the Book

Are you settling for a PayCheck, when what you really want is a life

Is the price of freedom - a lack of true achievement and life of busy work?

What if life presents you a chance, a chance to follow your dreams?

Do you BELIEVE in your dreams?

These are the questions Rhea is asking herself as she is swooshing through the lanes of life. Most people dream of having a story that Bollywood movies are made up of. How about actually living one?

Opposites attract and repel in this tale of love, inspiration, and dreams. The beautiful, adventurous Rhea and the ambitious, intellectual Sahil are drawn to each other but require some pivotal times and a whirlwind of emotions to understand each other and their dreams. It takes you through a journey, a journey within and answers those questions which only you know subconsciously. Live your dreams.


Love reading books: If you are seeking heart and mind spa: In a life full of commitments, responsibilities, and timelines, this book comes along as a heart and mind spa. You know what I mean.

If you love the creative flow: If you are creative, you will resonate with the creativity that flows boundlessly in Rhea (the protagonist of the story). If you are a fashion illustrator, a fashion designer, an interior designer or an artist OR you are a geek, you would have experienced that creative flow when inspiration strikes and you cannot keep yourself from flowing with your thoughts. When you are in that flow, time loses its relevance. It is just you and your creation. Feel all that and more as you find yourself lost in Rhea's creative world where she takes you by hand and makes you see her exquisite pieces.

You are intrigued by Out of the Box ideas and rare crossover of careers and ambitions: If you love challenges and are always on the lookout for- how a situation could be solved creatively. If you love out of the box ideas...this book is for you. Read this book, if you feel that life is worth living in all aspects including a change in career... if need be.

If you love travelling to exotic locations: Rhea loves travelling and the way she sees London, Zurich, Himalayas, Maldives and many more places... will make you want to follow in her footsteps. Her experiences are powerful, vivid, and moving. See the magnificent Himalayas through her eyes, watch the streets of London become her fashion haven and find the jewels of the Maldives as she visits all these destinations in not one particular order.
If you love mystic: This book dribs the guilt and compassionately addresses the personal and practical concerns that you and I go through in our daily life. Against the backdrop of a high flying career, Rhea battles a chilling adversary in herself and grapples with an ingenious gnawing in the pit of her stomach to find her heart's true calling, and discovers her true passions, and dreams of living her dreams. She is drawn into a harrowing inner world before she visits the Himalayas and finds herself face to face with someone who changes her life forever...Who is that mystic? Find out for yourself by picking the book now.

Being yourself: BE YOU is the message that is displayed right on the book cover and it almost comes with the flow of the title: Live Your Dreams::: BE YOU. Often in the walks of life, we dawn various roles as a daughter, spouse, parent or as a highly proficient skilled job owner but... we forget to dawn that one hat we all are born with - Being ourselves.

'BE YOU'. Find yourself as Rhea discovers herself and her inherent talents somewhere in the flow of life.

Book Details
ISBN-13: 9789352915484
Publisher: Lyd
Publisher Imprint: Lyd
Height: 203 mm
No of Pages: 282
Spine Width: 16 mm
Width: 133 mm
ISBN-10: 9352915488
Publisher Date: 20 Feb 2018
Binding: Paperback
Language: English
Returnable: N
Weight: 322 gr
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