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What may you ask what a musing perspective is? Well what is my musing perspective? Well you will just have to wait to see. Poetry is in my blood. I wrote poem after poem upon writing this. It was like I could not stop, Poems no one has read yet. Brand new and fresh for the reading. So many aspects I went. So many poetic journeys I had writing this. Such a strong release. My heart, mind and soul working together writing poems in many subjects from love to these inner feelings I gave my poetic all to this book. And all the hard work putting it together. I was dedicated to finish this. I am a poet who loves to write poems. Don't all poets though? I do not try hard to innovate in fact everything comes natural to me. Poetry is a language I speak. Perhaps some words people cannot understand. This is a personal collection of my own expressions. There are those who get me and what I write. There are those who cannot figure me out at all. It's all in how one interprets. But an open mind is key upon reading this. I really do not want a style. I want all styles. I want to wear each poem differently in the aspects of doing it all natural. I believe I accomplished that. My poetry education is life. The good the bad, the ugly just every dream every opinion. Just everything that I can express. Even when I read my own work I think of ways to be better. To feel better, To stretch the imagination as far as I can take it. To express these true feelings to words. See an introvert like me finds it so easy to let it all out in poetry, Stanza after stanza, Form after form. Just sharing my muse the best that I can. The influences, Experiences, it all. And some eccentric thoughts as well. Just a bevy of words that have helped me be who I am today and who I shall be tomorrow. Personalized, Visualized. I always want to surprise myself by going that extra level. Personal level of what I want to do as an artist. To reflections. To a need to let it all out. I always wondered if I had the confidence at a young age where would I be right now? But the thing is life is a history lesson. What I write even teaches me. Where I was, Who I was with. How I was in the many aspects of my life. All in all I just love to write. I took a break from it and it sure gave me the riot act, I mean I wrote and wrote each poem just went on and on and on. It hit me and I was glad it did. But it sure gets tiring after awhile as the mind gets to where it never wants to stop, Luckily it has helped me so much helped me so very much. I try to stay true to the art itself. Respect it with gratitude that my muse gives me wings to fly wherever I want to fly. Landing in each venture and as I delve into the many aspects for which comes to me. And those who have come before me. Wrote such timeless pieces and paved the way for poetry I am grateful of them and the art that I cherish to strongly. The likes of Poe, Plath, Frost, Byron I could go on and on and on. And of course Poe is a genius in his stories and of course his poems. Music has been a great part of me as well. Nirvana, Alice in chains, Iron Maiden. I could go on and on and on. But I a poet who loves music but loves writing poetry. To inspire, To tell those they are not alone. To inspire myself that I am not alone. To brave every storm as Poetry is my guide to medicate myself naturally with the grace of expression. expressions really. Just all in all honor and willpower. I mean it does come at a price like in the form of lack of sleep from time to time. But it is all worth it. Oh, And no anyone reading this I have not written a bad poem about you. Or have I? Ha, I just as a introvert want to challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone and stay that. With poetry I feel I do that. In life, Well that is a whole different story. Call me different, Call me what you will I am embrace who I am and with poetry it helps me so much. A very underrated art in my view. Check the typo on the back of the book.
About the Author: This here Poet is James Darwin Smith II. Born in San Diego California but raised in the pacific northwest for many many years. This poet is an introvert and has learned so much in life. Poetry a keystone of who this very poet is in fact. This poet was raised by hard working parents and is the youngest of three, Shy hence being an introvert. But this poet always wrote but in till 2000 he felt comfortable in sharing his work which ranges from love to darkness to anything and anything this very poet can conjure up with his heart, mind and soul as his poetic spirit travels beyond as far as he can. Such a deep release. One true in nature. Poetry his medicine. His doctor his teacher just so much so very much indeed. Poetry is a universe of it's own. So many worlds to create so many stars to shine upon eyes of a poet finding that certain muse in a perspective he can grow from and become strong with. So much this poet, I keep away from the world. But poetry is his voice and he screams the loudest he can scream growing more in more in love with the very art that makes him a better person one who grows even now and beyond. The psychologist as he always says. Poetry has been with this poet in his ups and downs. to his inside and out to his north to his south to his east to his west, In every direction possible. Writing on and on and on. He has done things in life worked here and there but poetry in his blood makes him feel the need, the want to write in the ways that he can do so. He would like poetry to always be his guide. So many words here but one cannot truly learn this poet's views of life as he strives to go to places he has never went to viewing the unknown, seizing where it takes him and just honouring the art that has gave him wings to fly. Not bad for a dyslexic who suffers from anxiety and depression. But as stated before poetry is this poet's shrink to grow beyond any personal growth before. So many words here being written but does it do him justice on who he is? Not really but those who learn he feels so humbled and so honoured to have them as the wonderful influences that they are. So much this poet wants to do. So many limits he wishes to break. so many character remain but he stays patient and rides it on through. What is their to say in a biography of a 40 year old? Through more and more writing of poetry he finds himself more and more to be more complete in learning life as a whole. In learning who he is even as a whole. So read at will. peace....

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  • ISBN-13: 9781508560890
  • Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
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  • Height: 280 mm
  • No of Pages: 66
  • Series Title: English
  • Weight: 177 gr
  • ISBN-10: 1508560897
  • Publisher Date: 20 Feb 2015
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Language: English
  • Returnable: N
  • Spine Width: 4 mm
  • Width: 216 mm

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