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Save the World Within You (Trilogy POD/NR

Save the World Within You (Trilogy

International Edition
About the Book
In ancient times it was assumed that the world stands on three elephants, or three columns, according to the Jewish Kabbalah. You can say that the world stands on whales, elephants or pillars - the essence will not change. Anyway, it isn't about animals but about the right and left hemispheres of the brain, the spinal cord and whether they are capable of harmonious functioning on the basis of CONSCIOUSNESS, meaning divine consciousness, of course. The left hemisphere manifests its function of logic through the scientific worldview. The right hemisphere displays its function through an intuitive perception of truth and through religious perception of the world. At first glance, they appear to be irreconcilable opposites. But if you look closely, you will see that the nonsense of atheistic views and the shocking demands for "sacrifice of the mind" are just two extreme manifestations of the same natural life source. And while the left brain hemisphere "hits against" its own mirror reflection, unable to overcome the BOUNDARY separating the worlds, it will continue to repeat the same old statements about atheism, physical foundations of the world, speed that cannot exceed the speed of light, and space and time as the medium of our existence, not even understanding that they are secondary to the CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE CREATOR, Who has created all this in the world and in relation to WHOM they are correlated, as consequence with cause.
Book Details
ISBN-13: 9783943110098
Publisher: Rare Ware Medienverlag (Publishers)
Publisher Imprint: Rare Ware Medienverlag (Publishers)
Height: 210 mm
No of Pages: 564
Series Title: English
Weight: 666 gr
ISBN-10: 3943110095
Publisher Date: 08 Sep 2011
Binding: Paperback
Language: English
Returnable: N
Spine Width: 29 mm
Width: 148 mm
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