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Some moments indelibly mark our lives. These are the moments when we know the trajectory of our existence has changed. We find ourselves confronting new territory and desperately trying to find our new normal. Often times, this new normal manifests through tragedy or illness. Have you ever been in a space where you knew your life would never be the same? Have you ever asked, "why me?" only to have God answer, "Because your pain isn't for you, it's for the benefit of others!" Have you ever made one decision that puts you smack in the middle of your purpose without even trying?Kimberly Joy Morgan was told at age 30 that she would need to take medication for the rest of her life. An antibiotic was given in response to what her doctor thought was a sinus infection. This is what altered her life forever. The antibiotic destroyed her digestive system and left her reeling in physical, mental, and emotional pain. She often tried to hide this pain and embarrassment from family and friends because she didn't want to appear broken. Determined to change the course of her health naturally, Kimberly set out on a 10-year mission to discover the root cause of her health issues and generate solutions. She was determined to regain her quality of life and heal her daily pessimism because there was entirely too much to live for. Share the Joy: 52 Weeks to Abundant Health takes you on a personal journey of restoration and growth while witnessing how Yahweh restored Kimberly's health and wellness through subtle lifestyle changes so she could pursue passion and purpose. This book will cause you to dive deep into your habits and asks you to analyze the negative patterns you hold on to for dear life because they are comfortable, and at times, convenient. Kimberly gently guides you on a 52-week journey to improve your mental, physical, and environmental health. She gracefully walks you through the power of changing one habit each week and shows you the massive ripple effect each change has on your life. Genifer Stewart, a highly sought after marketing executive, wife, and mom of two says, "The book, Share the Joy- 52 Weeks to Abundant Health, really helped me discover that the process to health does not have to be overnight and that making weekly adjustments that build on the previous week can actually be the formula for success that I've overlooked for years. In this microwave era of immediate results that don't last, there is credence in looking at changing your health in a step-method where the results are indoctrinated into your lifestyle over time."Discover where health and wellness meet passion and purpose and remember to always "Share the Joy" of exceptional living once you've found it!
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ISBN-13: 9781727435993
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publisher Imprint: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Height: 234 mm
No of Pages: 282
Spine Width: 15 mm
Width: 156 mm
ISBN-10: 1727435990
Publisher Date: 17 Oct 2018
Binding: Paperback
Language: English
Returnable: N
Weight: 399 gr
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