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Stranger Than Fiction

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The true story behind 9-11, delivered by a meticulous researcher. "Every news story about 9-11 that is contained in this book is true and easily verifiable," states author, Dr. Albert D. Pastore [a penname]. "My investigation represents 12 months of careful study, painstaking research, detailed analysis, source verification and logical deduction. In addition to the stories are approximately 300 detailed footnotes which I encourage every reader to explore and verify for themselves. Only by sifting through huge amounts of news data on a daily basis was I able to catch many of these rare 'diamonds in the rough' and organize them into a coherent pattern and logical argument. "The only logical conclusion is that the 9-11 attacks, the anthrax murders, the Bali bombing, the African embassy bombings and numerous other foiled terror plots, were planned, orchestrated, financed, carried out, and covered up by the forces of international Zionism. "Even in the face of this mountain of logic and evidence, there will be those weaklings who will go into denial and casually dismiss this whole case as just another silly 'anti-Semitic conspiracy theory.' But the funniest 'conspiracy theory' of all is that some Saudi caveman and his 'network' of Arab video game pilots managed to elude US investigators and pull off the most sophisticated intelligence operation in world history. "You can continue to believe that fairy tale if it makes you sleep better at night (and if your sense of credulity can stand the burden!). Or, you can muster the moral and intellectual courage to free your mind from Zionist bondage and face the ugly truth. You can join the 'extremists' and make a commitment to share the horrible truth with others, or, you can smirk, roll your eyes, and 'pooh-pooh' everything you've just read. Go back to your controlled TV news, your ballgames, your TV shows, and pretend this horror doesn't exist." --Dr. Albert D. Pastore

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ISBN-13: 9780999215739
Publisher: Dandelion Enterprises
Publisher Imprint: Dandelion Enterprises
Height: 216 mm
No of Pages: 182
Spine Width: 11 mm
Width: 140 mm
ISBN-10: 0999215736
Publisher Date: 26 Jul 2017
Binding: Hardback
Language: English
Returnable: N
Weight: 358 gr
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