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About the Book

Have you read about non-monogamy online and still wondered how to really live it successfully with your primary partner? Do you understand the general theory of open relationships, but feel like you don't know the specifics? World famous social media influencer, relationship coach and author Marisa Rudder (Author of 8 best selling relationship books) teaches you how to create a happy and committed open relationship with your partner. This all-inclusive guide to beginning and maintaining a fulfilling non-monogamous life is a must read if you're thinking about enjoying outside sex partners while maintaining a primary long-term relationship. Swinging - The Guide to a Friends with Benefits Lifestyle is Marisa Rudder's sizzling new breakthrough book and it will guide you through the basics of swinging for couples. It explains how couples separate love and sex, and enjoy greater intimacy in the swinging lifestyle. Learn how to go beyond the limits of conventional monogamy and experience spectacular sex while maintaining an honest and happy committed relationship with your primary partner. This is one of the most important relationship books you will ever read, chock-full of great information on how to set up a modern "ethical non monogamous" relationship. Learn how communication, rules, boundaries and mutual consent help you share a better sex life with your partner. If you're curious about couple swapping? Sex parties? Hotwifing? Bi-sexual threesomes? Orgies... and much, much more - Swinging - The Guide to a Friends with Benefits Lifestyle is a book you definitely need to read. Learn why many couples say, "couples who play together stay together" and learn how-to get started and live happily ever after in a sexy swinging lifestyle. You'll learn how to meet other non-monogamous couples and how to deal with a "swapping" Lifestyle while keeping your partner happy. Discover what to expect when you go to lifestyle clubs, events and parties, including what to wear, how to act, the rules to follow - with both your partner and other members? You'll not only find out the basics but how to deal with complex emotions once you get started. Are you ready to dive in more deeply and learn everything you need to know about the swinging lifestyle? Why are many people calling ethical non-monogamy; the new form of relationship monogamy? What roles do communication, mutual consent and commitment play in an ethical, consensual and safe swinging lifestyle? In Marisa's book Swinging - The Guide to a Friends with Benefits Lifestyle you'll learn how to explain to your partner that you have sexual desires that you want to explore with other people, but that you absolutely want to preserve your committed relationship with them. Are there rules and boundaries you must follow when you meet other couples? What are differences between "soft swap and full swap" experiences with other couples? Why do many swingers say it improved their marriage? Perhaps you've heard good things about swinging from a friend, seen a TV show about swinging, or read about it online and you think you're ready to swing? Everyday partners cheat on each other and risk losing everything they have, simply because they want to experience sex with a different partner. Learn why Swinging - The Guide to a Friends with Benefits Lifestyle is showing couples that it's possible to have sex with "other people" while maintaining a happy and committed primary relationship.

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Product Details
  • ISBN-13: 9781736183526
  • Publisher: Randall Caruso
  • Publisher Imprint: Randall Caruso
  • Height: 229 mm
  • No of Pages: 132
  • Series Title: Female Led Relationship
  • Weight: 204 gr
  • ISBN-10: 1736183524
  • Publisher Date: 25 Apr 2021
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Language: English
  • Returnable: N
  • Spine Width: 8 mm
  • Width: 152 mm

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