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Excerpt from book: be V 2GH/R. To satisfy the second condition of efficiency the water must leave the tank without velocity, and therefore its velocity of discharge through the nozzle should be equal, as it is in any case opposite, to the velocity of the nozzle itself. In order to acquire this velocity, N/2GH, relative to the orifice, the water must be discharged under a head H, so that the depth of water in the tank should, for satisfactory working, be H. The theoretical efficiency of this machine is perfect, so that, if there were no mechanical losses, the output would be the whole work done by the fall. The mechanical losses are, however, great. The depth of the rotating tank must be one half of the height of the fall, and its weight is therefore very great in comparison with the power developed. The only method of regulation is by a sluice gate, and whether the power or the speed of the machine is altered, a great loss of efficiency is the result. In spite of its disadvantages, Burdin's turbine is worthy of study as representing the first conscious effort to produce an engine the importance of which the public are, even now, only beginning to realize. Scientific men had, however, appreciated the possibilities of such an engine to some extent, even before the appearance of this turbine. In 1823, the Societe d'En- couragement de Paris had offered a prize of 6,000 francs to the inventor of a water-wheel similar to those described by Beiidor, which should be of real commercial utility. For eleven years no inventor worthy of the honour made his appearance, and then, in 1834, the prize was awarded to M. Fourneyron, who produced a machine incomparably superior to any then existing. The design of this turbine has scarcely required modification to meet the exacting requirements of the present da...
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Publisher Date: 04 Jan 2012
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