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Emotional Intelligence 2.0
Emotional Intelligence 2.0
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About the Book

Why do people manipulate others? What methods are used when manipulating others? What makes you a target of these manipulators? How many types of manipulators are there?

Manipulation has been a concern since long ago. Psychologists have tried to examine it and give it a clear view of what it is. It is a very large topic with a lot of information related to it. It is not easy to say that we understand manipulation as it is very diverse. As we move on with our lives and time passes, it is easy to see that the manipulation changes. The tactic and its understanding change and go on with the passage of time.

Manipulation will always take place as long as man interacts with other men. This is something we cannot avoid, so we have to live with it in our life.

The fundamental point of what is manipulation is the fact that it happens to someone who is somewhat weaker and is used by someone strong to get what he wants. Manipulation throws a very large nest and these books help to understand everything.

The information contained in these books is prohibited in some countries. If you are thirsty for knowledge and information, we recommend that you purchase these books before they are censored and the contents are lost forever.

Within these books dark psychological secrets are revealed! Proceed with caution! Dark psychological techniques are described, as well as tips and tools to help you learn how to identify the use of manipulation and deception.

So what will you learn from these books?

  • Know the reasons why people can decide to manipulate others. Why are these people manipulators?
  • Find out all about emotional intelligence and its techniques. - Find out why it is important to understand how manipulation works.
  • Find out how to spot a manipulator from afar. As you learn about a manipulator, learn to fight manipulation.
  • How does knowledge of dark psychology help?
  • Understanding of different types of personalities
  • Techniques for using dark psychology
  • How to protect yourself from dark psychological techniques
  • Body language control to give the correct message
  • How to develop the charisma and seduce others;
  • Instructions on how to manage your emotional state.
  • The art of reading people, as well as how to dominate your emotions, dark psychological seduction and even hypnosis;
  • How to read and understand non-verbal communication, body language, posture, gestures and emotions.

You will learn how to defend yourself from these tactics and use them to your advantage from the information in these books.

You will begin to unconsciously recognize and apply daily in lightning perception and personality assessment of the people you meet with many different signs, symbols or signs. And at the same so, in the darkness of consciousness, understand their veiled intentions and you train in this signal language in the process of daily life.

Anyone who knows how to perceive and classify signals consciously understands the motif language.

With the valuable information these books provide, you get started experience, on the one hand, an increase in enthusiasm for psychology and i diagnostic methods between professional and lay psychologists.

These books could very well open your mind and change your life for the better. After reading Dark Psychology Secret, How To Analyze People With Dark Psychology, The Art Of Manipulation, not only will you be able to read people's minds, but your friends and family will think you can.

These are mandatory readings for every person who no longer wants to be the victim of manipulation, deception, propaganda and mental slavery of the modern information technology era!

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  • ISBN-13: 9798669977788
  • Publisher: Independently Published
  • Publisher Imprint: Independently Published
  • Height: 229 mm
  • No of Pages: 388
  • Spine Width: 20 mm
  • Width: 152 mm
  • ISBN-10: 8669977788
  • Publisher Date: 27 Jul 2020
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Language: English
  • Returnable: N
  • Weight: 516 gr

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