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Excerpt from book: THE UTOPIAN IMAGINATION AND SOCIAL PROGRESS "sociological discussions, while manifesting a general lack of unity, are perhaps most varying with reference to the meaning of progress. This seems to be due to two causes: first, inability toagree upon the standard by which progress is measurable, and, secondly, to some confusion in the conception of social causation. As to the first, the suggestion most likely to gain assent is that of the application of civilisation values; these measured in the largest perspective as covering the advance of man from the lower animals, and of civilised from uncivilised man. vThis implies a growth, not merely in intellectual control, but in qualities of character and modes of con- / duct, which are supposed to be the marks of civilisation.V- v In other words, the good of ethical theories of all times, however difficult to define in concrete terms, does never- theless afford over each period its standard of advance- ment. If the end can be thus only vaguely conceived, it is even more difficult to determine in series the specific steps which the race can be thought to have taken, and which, especially, are to be taken in the future/ There are some who are sceptical as to the possibility of estimating progress at all, maintaining that human individuals and groups are quite incalculable, that history may or may not repeat itself, and that, therefore, sociology can never be a science in that sure and predictive sense found in the exact sciences. -The difficulty may perhaps be found just here, that the standards of the exact sciences are applied outside their proper field. In particular, the conception of causation useful in other departments, applies only partially to human societies, and probably never in an unmixed form. It is an unfortunate habi...
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Publisher Date: 08 Feb 2012
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